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Tokyo Face Fuck porn review


Content Quality
20 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
13 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
9 / 15  
14 / 15  
1 / 15  
Other Review Rating
19 / 10 (7 sites)



Review porn site: Tokyo Face Fuck

If you love Japanese porn and, even more, if you love it hot, rough and kinky, as it is supposed to be, then listen up – tonight we will be reviewing a blowjob porn site that is fully dedicated to them frail Asian maidens with beautiful faces, impeccable fragile bodies and tender mouths that feel like sakura flowers on your cock… Well, supposed to feel this way, at least. It’s just that the adorable little models starring for Tokyo Face Fuck rarely get to really blow meat – they simply get their throats used damn rough in every scene at this resource. Drooling, weeping and choking is the way they will appear in front of you!

Yeah, the described porn website is a really rough one – many of the tarts that you will see here are made to cope with several cocks at once, tied up or cuffed for the fun of it and played with in a lot of other kinky ways. It is not a mainstream oral porn resource for goodie-goodie tender blowjob lovers – it is a place where adorable Asian teens gag on cock till they drop!

What should be said from the start is that both the free tour area and the restricted zone of this XXX site look really really basic. This site is obviously amateurish and it makes me feel a little bit tense cause the action on its pages appears to be perfectly professional and stuff. Professionally made porn at an unprofessionally made site… That can mean only one thing – that this site is not exclusive. Well, I really hope that it’s not the case with the analyzed porn paysite.

From the first sight the collection of face fucking content made available by this Japanese porn site seems to be fairly nice-sized – at the moment, there are 53 videos and 25 pic scenes available inside its Members area. A closer look reveals some unpleasant truth though. The photo count is definitely the more honest one cause each full movie at is split into two clips which are then passed for separate updates. In the first of the two clips you will see the model simply posing naked and getting played with while the real rough action is reserved for the second part of each video. By the way, the quality of content is really terrific here. It’s a pity you can’t download those 1920x1080Px at 4200Kbps videos… I’d definitely get one for myself. But they are intended for watching online only – unlike the 4300x2900Px pics that are perfectly available for downloading in ZIP archives.

The updates? Well, there seems to be something wrong with them lately. Up to the end of January 2012 this XXX paysite was getting updated twice every week while now… Now it takes on a much slower pace all of a sudden. The gap between the most recent update and the one that came before it totals 10 days already. Well, that’s a not really impressing change, no doubt. I’d like it the other way around. The list of upcoming updates says that this paysite is about to return to the usual updating schedule – hope that it ain’t a lie!

Unfortunately, the members of the analyzed source can hardly expect to get some extras on the pages of this site – I have been through every nook and cranny of it and I haven’t found even the tiniest note about the bonuses. That means there aren’t any of them, I suppose. Well, whatever, this adult site is good even without them, that is for sure.

Feel free to call me a weak person and to blame me for being biased and shit – but I will still finish this review up by saying that the porn site under analysis this time is worth visiting. Just make sure you don’t buy membership for a really long period of time – after all, this site’s content collection is not too big and there are no bonuses and the situation with the updates is not quite clear yet. Let’s act wise here, okay?


memberzone screenshot 1 (2012-02-16)
index of member zone (2012-02-16)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2012-02-16)
girls (2012-02-16)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2012-02-16)
pics gallery (2012-02-16)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2012-02-16)
video sample (2012-02-16)


Monthly: 30 $ (30 days recurring)
3 month: 80 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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