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  • Content Quality
    15 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    4 / 20
  • Updates
    14 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    12 / 15
  • Originality
    9 / 15
  • Extras
    14 / 15

About site

The main star of the analyzed adult website, which is the site under review this time, is an adorable blond teen – the type that they have in every goddamn movie dedicated to the adventures of college students. You know, the slightly shy yet damn beautiful babe that always ends up getting everything in the end. The only difference is that here at this site this damn beautiful babe is anything but shy – she strips, fucks herself with sex toys and even gets it on with her lesbian kitty friends without any shame!

Free tour

The free tour at the paysite under my scrutiny won’t compare to those of real premium HD pornsites, I guess – but it’s pretty cool anyway. It shows the girlie and a couple of her kitty friends absolutely nude and having real dirty fun with each other in front of the camera. The only things that I don’t quite like are the lack of high-quality video trailers and… Well, I have a strong feeling I have seen all ofthis source’s stuff somewhere before. But who knows. Let’s cum into the Members area and check if my suspicion has got anything to do with the real state of affairs or not.

Amount of Content

Yeah, right. My suspicion does have something to do with the real state of affairs here at this site. See, recently I have been lucky to review a couple of other teen porn sites affiliated with this one and… Their contents are almost identical to those offered by this source! That looks exceptionally disappointing if you take the fact that all three of these sites are damn tiny into account. Each of them has got as few as 9 picture galleries and 8 videos to offer to its members. By the way, one of the picture sets at the analyzed XXX site is not working. Oh, and most of those scenes don’t feature Becky but focus on her kitty friends instead.

Content Quality

Damn, I don’t want to sound like I’m an old grumbler who is always pissed off – but here I just can’t help it. There seems to be something wrong with the video download URLs here at this site. They keep on redirecting me to some site called All Teen Rev Pass – the site where this adult paysite is not even listed. Jeez, what the hell is that?! And when I finally managed to download a couple of these videos offered by the analyzed adult site (from another network site) I was fairly disappointed. They were 640x480p at 3120Kbps ones. The pics are better though – their resolution of 1392x928Px makes them worth seeing. Too bad there are so few of them.


The updates? Well, the updates are among the very few things that I like at this XXX paysite – even though I kind of doubt if the dates stated there are correct. You see, the only dates you will get here are those stating when the most recent of the site under review today’s updates was released and when the upcoming one is scheduled for. According to those dates, the new releases probably get published biweekly here. Or weekly, to be more honest, because one update comprises either a photo set or a video here – both from one and the same scene.


The list of bonus sites that a member of the reviewed XXX site gets the right to enjoy for free is a fairly long one. The good news is that the three affiliated sites that I have gotten to review lately seem to be the ones that have most in common. The remaining three dozen or so are more exclusive, which rocks. They have content of higher quality too, by the way. Thus, when you are purchasing access to the analyzed adult paysite, you are probably after the extras, not the girl’s exclusive content. The extras are worth it, probably.


No, I can’t say that I like this site, for sure – sites that cheat and offer someone else’s content (especially identical to that of other resources in their networks) are the ones that always piss me off the most. Thus, I beg my pardon but I won’t rate this porn website too high – and will probably recommend you to think twice before you sign up to it. Yeah, I might sound a bit too evil but that’s the way I really feel about this site. Sorry.



  • Trial: 1 $ (1 day )
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days )

Pros and Cons

+ hot cast
+ lots of free bonuses
- small collection of content
- low quality of video
- non-exclusive content
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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