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Theater Sluts porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
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Other Review Rating
5 / 10 (5 sites)



Review porn site: Theater Sluts

You think that porno theaters are intended only for real sex freaks? Hell yeah, right you are! You will actually understand it when you see the things taking place at Theater Sluts – another classy production of famous kink Dirty D. What D does here on the pages of this resource is spectacular – he takes sex-frenzied rookie babes to porno theaters, strips them there and offers all kinks watching movies there to enjoy the girls’ holes. Damn, dude, just imagine it… A sweet young cutie getting gangbanged by a crowd of horny strangers… That must be a true pleasure for the girls and a true must-see for anyone of us. Don’t know about you but I’m feeling too excited to miss the opportunity to give Theater Sluts a try.

By the way, just a little disappointing remark before I slide into the Members area… The teaser videos on the outside of this XXX paysite are totally shitty and I think that I know why. I have already reviewed quite some of Dirty D’s sites and all of them turned out to be suffering from one and the same problem – they were outdated, and, therefore, the quality of the materials they supplied always sucked. I really hope that this one will turn out to be an exception from the rule but, unfortunately, so far it looks like it is not.

Yeah, just like expected, the content supplied by the described XXX source is hot as hell but its quality is a total disaster. I mean, all those gangbang shoots where adventurous models get fucked by crowds of overexcited men are cool – but not when they are exposed on 1024x768Px pictures and 720x480Px at 2130Kbps videos. You know, being so spoilt by True HD videos that are anything but rare at porn sites these days, I’m feeling totally shitty here at Don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

The fact that’s even more disappointing is that this site can’t really brag too much of a huge collection of content – everything that you can lay your hands on here at the moment is 49 scenes. You say that 49 scenes are not that bad at all? Well, remember the quality issue. Plus, I feel I’m also kinda spoilt by other sites by Dirty D – their collections were WAY bigger than what I’m offered here. 49 scenes on tiny pics and videos… Damn, sorry, but that’s just not enough for me.

I actually doubt that any site in this network gets updated at the moment – but the list of updates provided in its Members area points at exactly the opposite. Jeez, they are forcing people into believing that those 1024x768Px pics and 720x480 videos that they are trying to sell here are all brand-new. That’s bad… Fortunately, it ain’t got nothing to do with the reviewed adult site itself – the fact that it’s outdated as hell is actually not denied by anyone. The name of this site never appears on that update list. Thanks for being honest at least, D!

I was mentioning those bonuses every here and there a zillion times in the course of this review – now it’s time I finally told you some more about them. The selection of freebies looks very decent here, buddy – there are over 30 sites, all of which are old, stacked with low-quality content but… They still kick ass, word! Frankly, I should admit that some of the stuff I found here was so much different from everything I have seen before it. Sex with shabby crack addicts, those dirty gangbangs with total strangers and all that stuff – the ideas behind this network are really cool. It’s a pity the same can’t be told about the way those ideas are turned into reality.

No, I still don’t think I will be able to recommend this website to you, bud – even though it’s hot and so rich with bonuses, it still leaves much to be desired. Sorry, Dirty D – your stuff is bad.


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