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Taboo Desire porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
10 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
12 / 15  
6 / 15  
Other Review Rating
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Review porn site: Taboo Desire

Taboo Desire is an adult site that makes quite an attempt to give you a little bit of everything in porn. Its cast is amazingly hot – here you will get to see such porn stars as Sophia Sutra, Chastity Lynn, Rayveness, Ashlyn Rae and the like getting down and dirty in front of the camera. The diversity of scenes is also very impressing here – you will see those porn stars getting naked solo and playing with themselves, fucking with each other and getting it on with well-hung men, of course. The stories behind the scenes are never the same too – it ranges from plain sex to kinky things like threesome FFM sex with mothers and daughters. Oh come on, don’t think it’s for real though – the stuff is just staged by MILFs and fresher girls… How dare you think this XXX source gets so kinky?! :) Oh well, alright, I agree that the name of this resource might sound a bit too wild, so it probably justifies you. No hard feelings. ;)

Um, what? Such a promising beginning and such a disappointing continuation here… I popped inside the described porn source to find that there were as few as 11 scenes there! 11 videos and exactly as many picture galleries… Damn, don’t you find it simply laughable? I’m certainly anything but satisfied with such a narrow choice of content because I’m already used to getting XXX collections that are, like, a hundred times bigger than this source. 1,100 scenes are alright. 11 scenes are not!

Well, the owners of the described adult resource are obviously trying to change the grave situation with the size of their collection – but they are not trying hard enough, I would say. At the moment, the updates at their site are weekly. the reviewed adult source is a relatively new one – it was launched in the very beginning of 2011. Sure, 6 months are not that much of a long period of time for a porn site but… Oh well, who am I trying to fool? The updating speed of the reviewed adult website is just shitty! What will be there by the end of this year? Two dozens of scenes? Wow, how awesome.

The quality of content at is identical to that of all its bonus sites (will tell you about them a trifle later, if you don’t mind). The videos here are blameless – real HD ones, I should say. On the other hand, the pictures that this network feeds you with are just laughably small – as small as 900x600Px. Come on, that’s not enough! I do understand that most porn surfers are after movies but pics matter too! Why on earth do I have to use the zoom feature to have a better look at the yummy shaven pussy of Shay Golden? This is unacceptable! :)

And what about those bonus sites? There are 5 of them there – Dirty teen idols, Unfaithful Housewives, Secretary Seductions, Nurse seductions and Whale Tail Bangers and… Well, none of them has got a collection that is much bigger than that of this XXX paysite. A couple dozens of scenes is the top showing here, unfortunately. Again, I feel myself cheated. Guess I would have gone totally apeshit if I had purchased my membership at the reviewed adult site for my own money and wasn’t given it by this site’s owners. 54 videos and 56 picture scenes… That’s not too much of a bad showing – but for a single porn site. A network offering such a laughable amount of scenes is anything but a generous one. Oh yeah, there are also those countless video feeds in the XXX Cinema section – the only problem is that I can’t quite get any of them to work. Bummer!

Summing it all up, I will say that I’m even a bit pissed off by the XXX resource under my scrutiny – pissed off because it failed to meet my sky-high expectations. Sure, maybe time will change it and make it good but… I don’t think I will wait this long with the weekly updates. Speed it up, guys!


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Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days recurring)
Monthly: 39.95 $ (30 days non-recurring)
3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)
6 month: 99.95 $ (180 days non-recurring)