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Susana Spears porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
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Review porn site: Susana Spears

Having reviewed and enjoyed quite a bundle of Euro porn sites lately and polishing this experience up with a close acquaintance with the personal site of a porn model called Susana Spears, I suddenly realize that I really want to go on a trip to Europe. It looks like this holy land is just packed full of hot ladies – hot and adventurous enough when it comes to sex, it should be noted.

What I like the most about the reviewed website is her face. Not even her face itself but that very special expression of it, that mask that she puts on in her solo and lesbian porn shoots. Damn, a mere look at her staring straight into the cam with her beautiful full lips slightly parted, as if luring you to come and work her little pussy out is priceless. I love this babe, I’m telling you! It’s a pity that the free tour at the reviewed adult source’ site is not too informative. Eight teaser scenes showing Susana dildoing and fingering herself and playing with her lesbian kitty friend and… That’s it. No bio, no video teasers, nothing of that kind. It’s cool that I have access to this site already, so I can take a peek at it from the inside and tell you everything about it so you don’t make any hasty and potentially wrong decisions, mesmerized by this doll’s beauty.

Oh wow. Looks like that part about potentially wrong decisions wasn’t in vain after all. I look at the dates of the most recent updates at the analyzed porn site’ resource and I’m anything but satisfied. The last time Susana added something new to that very personal nook of her World Wide Web was back in 2008 – in late 2008, to be precise. That means her site is as still as a dead one for over 3 years already. Well, the conclusion here is quite obvious – I’m an experienced XXX doctor and I can tell for sure that this porn resource is not coming back to life.

One definitely can’t accuse the adult site under my scrutiny of being a really unproductive model that didn’t manage to shoot much stuff during her career – at her site you will find 45 solo photo shoots, 5 lesbian sex galleries and 5 (okay, this showing is bad) movies. But yeah, I agree that this showing doesn’t quite allow her to compete with other porn stars, many of whom have hundreds of top-notch shoots to boast of and are still updating their personal porn sites.

It wouldn’t be too right to expect the content at such an outdated site to be of really high quality but… I should also admit that the pics and videos by turn out to be much better than I expected them to be. What do we have here? 720x576Px videos with the bitrate of over 1200Kbps, 1400x933Px photos… Yeah, I do believe that all this stuff was filmed back in 2008 right when it was posted inside this site – not decades before that.

You need some consolation because you hoped to find more stuff at this site? Well, there will be some, don’t worry. It’s good that there are so many big porn site networks on the Internet these days and it’s even better that this adult resource’ site belongs to one of them too. When you sign up to this questionable XXX site, you get the chance to lay your hands on 28 more without any additional payments. Not too bad, is it? Even though the regularity of updates at most of these sites leaves much to be desired, their collections are still big and hot enough to deserve your attention. Check them out if you end up at this site.

It’s time to say goodbye to this XXX resource and to sum everything we have seen there up. Well, I don’t think I can tell that I’m really in love with this site even though its star nearly made me fall for her. Sorry, I just can’t force myself into dealing with outdated sites offering content of not really high quality after I have seen all those HD XXX must-sees. Sorry, Susana.


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