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Stud footage site blocked Review date: 2012-08-09
  • Trial: 1.00 $ (7 days non-recurring)
  • Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 month: 54.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)
  • We recommend do not register at Stud footage because it is not safe for you

    About site

    If you think that real hot gay men should be big, ripped and tough, then you might be interested in today’s site under review – the site called Stud Footage. Featuring a good deal of gay musclemen ranging from young hunks to huge and hairy bears, it will most probably give you exactly what you need. Oh, it features some twinks too, by the way – but they are always the ones getting nailed in their tight little asses. Big studly men rule quite literally here.

    Free tour

    The action offered to you by this resource surely does look stunning. However, the free tour of the site, the part that is actually supposed to present it, is the one that kind of spoils it all. There is not even a single trailer video – and I know that this resource presents itself as a video one. Come on, that’s just laughable! Every single scene thumbnail that I click on takes me straight to the Join page. Ain’t it funny? I actually think it is. But the heck with it, this time I’m going to give in. Let’s move on into the Members area and see if it was actually worth it after all.

    Amount of Content

    The interface of the site doesn’t get much better as you enter it. There is that huge header board allowing you to choose between straight and gay content and that’s pretty much it. You click on Gay, get redirected to the network’s page (will tell you about it a bit later), choose this site – and lay your hands on 70 videos waiting for you there. No, there are no pictures to come along with movies here and that is something that surely doesn’t come off as something unexpected.

    Content Quality

    The quality of those 70 videos surely does leave much to be desired. Frankly speaking, I have a strong feeling that this resource is not exclusive. Or outdated. Or both together even. Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that it offers movies with the frame size of 720x480Px and the bitrate of 1564Kbps. No one is making stuff of such low quality these days!


    I really doubt I can tell anything about the updates at this resource – the presence of that list of upcoming updates proves it quite clearly that it is still growing but the fact that there are absolutely no dates stated there… Man, it sucks. I can’t understand how fast this site has been growing up until now, I can’t understand how fast it is going to grow, shit like that. Those upcoming updates may easily turn out to be a fake, in fact. Anyway, I won’t be that pessimistic and hope that everything is honest here. But the re-review I will probably do soon will show.


    I can’t say I had some problems with navigation through this site – but a more sophisticated interface would surely do it no harm. I want to sort videos by their content, I want to favorite them and discuss them with other members of this site with the help of scene comments but… I get nothing of that kind here – and it clearly sucks.


    The bonuses are here and they are actually pretty plentiful – the only bad thing is that I’m not sure if you are going to like them or not. See, offers you as many as 38 bonus resources that you will be able to access for free – and only 2 of them are dedicated to gays. There’s also a couple more that focus your attention on shemales but that’s pretty much it. That’s as far as the extras go here. Oh, there’s also a huge listing of porn sites under More Porn header – but all of those require additional payments and are straight again.


    Site didn’t impress me that much, to be honest, and I think I know why. See, it’s a combination of factors here – rather small collection, questionable exclusiveness, low quality of content, irrelevant bonuses and no update dates… It all blends together to give you a feeling that you could have spent your money better when looking for gay porn. Yeah, that’s the verdict here – you’d better keep looking.