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Stacey Rocks porn review


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Review porn site: Stacey Rocks

If you are not following fashion trends like crazy and if you still prefer heavily made up and inked emo and Goth chicks with multiple piercings to hipster babes with all their baggy outfits and nerdy glasses, I think I know of a porn babe you will really like. Her name is Stacey Rocks, she is a damn sexy teen blondie and the proud owner of her own XXX resource showing all of her dirty little feats on pictures and video. Let’s go have a closer look at what she’s got to please us with!

this porn site is one of the most petite teenage chicks that I have ever seen in porn, that’s without a doubt. At the same time, she is definitely not a goodie-goodie, unlike many sexy petite teens. Here at her site you will see her stripping and playing with her countless lesbian kitty friends – going beyond plain kissing and caressing in most of the scenes, by the way. There is no straight hardcore action here though but… Well, whatever, even without it this adult site does look nasty.

This is probably due to the fact that this site is brand-new or something but… Dammit, is updating it like crazy! New scenes get published on its pages almost every single day – over the past two weeks there has only been one day when nothing new appeared inside the Members area. Jeez, that’s quite a showing. I really doubt that it will last but right now those everyday releases totally kick ass. I want more and more of Stacey and I keep getting more and more. Love it!

And you know what? Take a closer look at the content section of this site and you will understand that the source under review today has been in the biz for quite some time already. There are 110 picture scenes and exactly as many videos here. More than 6 months of daily updates… Damn, this is a great showing. Looking at that, I can conclude that Stacey is one of the most eager teen models currently in the biz too. One of the sexiest, one of the tiniest, one of the most eager… This alt teeny looks like she comes straight from our inmost dreams, doesn’t she? This inked doll with piercings in her lips, her nips, her everything – she’s gorgeous, I’m telling you! Her lesbian scenes are the ones that rock the most here, perhaps. Couldn’t stop enjoying them, word.

In spite of the fact that the videos sport rather unusual frame size here (1440x1080Px – what the heck is that, I wonder), they still look fairly good and clear with their bitrate of over 7000Kbps. The pictures could have been better than 1200x800Px but… Well, whatever, don’t know about you but I definitely don’t mind them sporting this resolution. Might be due to the fact that I like videos better, of course, but, anyway, they look okay to me.

Now on to the bonuses. Free ones are not really plentiful here, I must admit. There are around 50 of those Guest Model photo shoots and there are those promises telling you about live cam, VOD and other sections coming soon but… As long as they are promises and not real things, they don’t count. Oh, plus, there is that bonus network of 6 other full-size teen porn sites and about a dozen “micro” resources – but it requires an additional payment that brings the monthly membership fee up to 35 bucks. That’s still affordable though, I’d say. Those other teen porn sites rock too.

Sorry if I sound old-fashioned and sorry if I hurt all the hipster people out there but alt girls still remain my favorite. Having visited this website at her personal porn site, I understand it even better. If you are after alt ladies as well and if you love them fresh, inked, pierced and damn naughty, then visiting this site is highly recommended to you.


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Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)

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