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Spring Break Spy Cam porn review


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Review porn site: Spring Break Spy Cam

Okay, I bet you know what happens during Spring Break when all those crowds of sex-crazed coeds rush towards the beach, right? Cancun, Florida and several other cities across the Americas turn into the cities of sin for a week or two! This is something definitely worth seeing with your own eyes – or with the eyes of Spring Break Spy Cam, if you can't afford a little spring getaway right now.

this porn website is a porn site offering you something bigger than the usual pics and videos of sloshed babes dancing at the beach naked – it gets way more hardcore very often. Horny little sluts agreeing to fuck in front of the cam in their hotel rooms or actually doing that without being aware of the cams aimed at them… This is what this site is all about. Much better than titty flashing, right?

There's only one thing that really bothers me here on the front page of the reviewed porn source – the dates. I mean, they've got those "See dirty vids from Spring Break 2004", "Cancun, Mexico, 2004" digital stickers and teasers just everywhere. Erm, excuse me, are they aware of the fact that it's 2011 now? Maybe they were partying so wildly they didn't notice that 7 years flew by? Gotta slide into the Members area and check it out.

Damn, it cost me quite some effort to get into the Members area of this site but I finally managed it – and I'm exactly as disappointed as I thought I would be. the reviewed porn site really does turn out to be as outdated as it looked – the last addition to this resource's collection dates back to March 2004. I guess that this is already enough to scare off most of the readers currently on this page but... I guess that some will still stay. This is for you, my staunch friends – let's keep on exploring this adult paysite and, who knows, maybe we will find something interesting there.

The amount of content? No, that's definitely not the main advantage of the XXX site under analysis this time. Frankly speaking, I would say that it might be one of its main disadvantages, along with the fact that it has been left without any updates for 7 years already! You know how many scenes there are? A hundred? No, fewer. A dozen? No, fewer. There are 6 scenes here! 6 scenes!!! Can you just believe it? A site with 6 scenes in its archive and with no updates since fucking 2004. I wonder how it's still surviving at all!

As you can understand, spycammed (or even not spycammed) videos from 2004 are the ones that you can hardly expect to boast of really high quality. I have just downloaded one, actually and… My grandma's cell phone shoots better stuff, word. :) The frame size of 320x240Px and the bitrate of 491Kbps… That's totally laughable – unless you have paid for it.

Okay, as you can understand, springbreakspycam.com itself just ain't shit. However, when you finally get over the initial shock that comes along with the exploration of its Members area, you will actually be able to find quite some interesting things there. For instance, the fact that this totally shitty resource turns out to be a part of a totally kick-ass XXX network of Bang Bros. It means that if you are ready to walk out on the voyeur and spring break stuff in favor of more mainstream content, you will get 5,000 top-class 100% exclusive videos for your money in return. No drunk coeds this time though – only totally slutty amateurs and pro porn stars handling huge cocks. Fresher videos and daily updates included.

Thus, this XXX website can be regarded as a decent one after all – but only if you regard it as a gateway into Bang Bros. Taken alone, this site is a piece of crap. If you are after voyeur porn and real spring break fun, then just keep away from it.


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