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About site

Many people say that hardcore porn is hotter than softcore but… Hey, what do you say, would you really want someone to stand between you and your girl? Another man, or even two or three men? No way, this experience needs to be more personal – just the way it is at Solo Videos! This playground of naughty solo girls is as personal as it gets. Every video offered here is like a private strip show with you and only you being the customer. Let’s stop wasting time at the threshold of this strip club and move right on into it – there seem to be lots of hot girls armed with big toys waiting for us there.

Free tour

For the sake of honesty, I have to admit that the outside of this resource looks fairly unappealing to me. This site is very shabby – not like it was designed and filled up by an amateur webmaster but like it dates back to very very long ago. Blurred design, totally laughable video trailers (320x240Px at 1000Kbps)… Whew, I’m not even sure that I really should enter its Members area after all. However, that’s my job, so I will do it – and tell you all the unbiased truth about this solo porn site, no matter how sad it gets.

Amount of Content

Straight from the very first moments you spend inside this solo girl parlor, you understand that this site’s content is more than likely to disappoint you with its quality. However, the size of its collection is not that bad after all – inside it you will get teased by sexy young babes in as many as 108 videos and… Well, the Pictures section is much larger here – it offers you as many as 1,351 galleries but I’m strongly convinced that those are the pics gathered from all across the site’s network. Thus, feel free to accuse me of picking on this site too much but I’d say that it has 0 pic galleries of its own to offer.

Content Quality

Even though the videos that I have just downloaded from this resource’s Members area had that HQ sign next to them (there are several quality options available for each of the vids, going from 500k to 2000k), I wouldn’t characterize their quality as really high. They have the frame size of 640x480Px and the bitrate of 2128Kbps, which, as you will surely agree, is not that HQ by today’s standards. Man, no matter how disappointing it is but it really looks like this resource is as outdated as it seems to be.


You will find the update dates stated in each of the video galleries desperately trying to convince you of the opposite though. According to the information stated there, this resource’s collection is not the freshest one out there but it’s not terribly outdated either. The most recent updates from this resource are said to have been released in March 2012 but… 640x480Px videos in March 2012… Come on, gimme a break. We are not that easy to fool, are we?


Okay, I guess I have already mentioned that network a bit too many times for you not to get really interested in it, right? Well, get ready for the good news then – the network of the reviewed resource comprises as many as 109 “channels”, each and every of which stands for a separate porn site! Even though most of them are hardcore, solo scenes are there as well. 1,580 solo movies and those 1,351 photo galleries are clearly going to keep you busy for very long! And the good news is that many of them boast of higher quality than the flicks offered by the resource under review.


You probably expect perfect shabbiness from this resource, expect its Members area to look as bad as its free tour pages are, right? Well, you are wrong with your expectations then – boasts of a brand-new navigation system that makes surfing it a real pleasure. Loads of content viewing options, convenient sorting and filtering features, Favorites section, loads of additional areas that the site’s content is neatly split among… That’s all perfect – but that’s mostly a legacy of the network again.


Looks like this site did manage to save its face after all, right? I know that it’s not fair when really shitty resources get their asses saved by their awesome networks but… Hey, sorry! I just can’t resist the offer to enjoy fuckin’ 15 hundred hot solo porn videos, you know! :) Even if their quality is not perfect, there are still too many of them for me to say no. Yeah, I’m a weak man – but one who is going to have his balls drained tonight.


Site Facts


  • Number of movies: 108
  • Video formats:
    • 2120 kb/s 640x480
  • HD video:no



  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:yes
  • Live chat:yes

Pros and Cons


    + loads of free bonuses
    + slightly difficult but very functional interface
    + low membership price


    - low quality
    - the updates comprise old content
    - poor design
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