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Slime Wave porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
8 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
15 / 15  
15 / 15  
15 / 15  
Other Review Rating
14 / 10 (14 sites)


Very Good


Review porn site: Slime Wave

Yeah, yeah, we all know that the capabilities of a male body are rather limited when it comes to producing sperm. Some men shoot large loads, some shoot smaller ones – but are there some men who can shoot totally monstrous loads that could drench their partners completely? Yeah, I know there have been many attempts to find and use this type of men actually but… All in all, they were turning out to be a fake – sporting rubber cocks with pumps and loads of cream inside special reservoirs.

The situation at Slime Wave is more or less the same – it's just that the owners of this one state that the cocks at their site are faked rather openly. Here at this resource you will see a good deal of glory hole sex scenes showing porn stars "wandering into boys' rooms by chance", beating and sucking cocks sticking out of them glory holes and getting enormous facials literally drenching their heads and their sexy clothes – so intensively that they come dripping wet. There's that fun factor too – for instance, I have just ran into a teaser scene showing a sexy bitch servicing one of those rubber gushers in a glass protection mask. Oh my, that was hilarious. :)

this XXX resource is not that much of an old site, obviously – and it is exactly why its collection is anything but big yet. All in all, there are as few as 22 scenes here – all of them being very hot, featuring really sexy porn stars and focusing on totally insane action but… You know, 22 scenes are still not enough for me. On the other hand, if you take into account the fact that each and every of them is an absolute must-see, maybe they will keep you going for a month or so.

Alright, alright, I just can't hold it in any longer. :) Okay, the analyzed adult site is a small one but you surely won't suffer from not having enough of your favorite type of content – all thanks to bonus sites. First of all, there is that Cum Squad resource making its little investment into satisfaction of your dirty demands with the help of its hot collection comprising 10 classy facial scenes. Okay, now we've got 32 of them scenes here, right? Now switch your attention to another bonus site called All WAM (All Women Are Messy). This one is dedicated to girls fighting in puddles of mud, paint, whipped cream – you name it, they've got it all over their faces and bodies. Will probably give you some pleasant moments too. A lot of pleasant moments, to be precise – there are 431 scenes comprising the collection of this site. And yes, I also can't leave 14 more sites unnoticed – cumshot scenes are anything but few in the scenes that they offer.

The updates at the reviewed XXX source can hardly be called too frequent – sometimes new scenes get released here weekly, sometimes biweekly… Yeah, guess that we can't even call them regular. Still, it's cool that this site is getting updated at least somehow.

The quality of content here is absolutely blameless when you are talking about the videos – and as low as it can only be these days when you switch on to the photos. The videos are 1080p ones, clear and big enough for you to watch them on your widescreen telly. The pics are clear alright – but their size of 1024x683Px in already unacceptable by today's standards, don't you find?

Hmm, the process of announcing the final verdict in this review ain't gonna be an easy one, that's for sure. is hot and kinky – so hot and kinky it's just blowing my mind. However, its small collection and irregular updates are not that cool. Thus, I guess I will leave the final decision to be up to you.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-04-16)
index of member zone (2011-04-16)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-04-16)
Screenshot #2 (2011-04-16)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-04-16)
picture sample (2011-04-16)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-04-16)
video sample (2011-04-16)


Monthly: 25.40 $ (Solo cam flatrate recurring)
Monthly: 31.75 $ (Video flatrate recurring)
Monthly: 50.80 $ (All inclusive recurring)

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