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Many fans start to find the trending professional porn too soulless and artistic. They say it’s missing some feelings and emotions, sharing which is the most important part of the sexual contact. Professional porn stars don’t even look real, and they don’t fuck for real, they’re just doing their job. That’s why amateur and similar porn is so popular. Team Skeet has decided to take part in such things, but they do it their way. Instead of featuring amateur porn, they create their own, but with first-timers, who don’t take it so emotionlessly. Let’s see if they were able to create something outstanding!

+ Full HD quality for all scenes

No doubt that quality here fits the network standards: Full HD videos are available for every scene, and photos have a hi-res version too. The maximum available quality is 1080p mp4 file with 10,000 kbps bitrate and 29 fps frame rate. This is quite impressive and more than enough to grant fine picture and smooth action. Streaming can be performed at three available quality modes: Low, Medium and High, approximately equal to 360, 540 and 680 resolution. Sometimes the HD version is also available for streaming. Download options include 1080p, 720p, 680, 540 and 360p mp4 files. Photos are usually available in two formats: hi-res zipped sets with 1620x1080 resolution and medium-resolution zipped sets with 900x600 resolution.

+ Fine network design and functional navigation

There are not too many ads on the porn site, and all the network sites share one common design, since they are available from one single gateway: Team Skeet. It offers comfortable colors, large scene covers, big buttons and simple menus, plus a quick and powerful navigation tools, such as tag lists and sorts. In the Updates section you immediately get access to all scenes, sorted by rating. You can choose to sort them by date, number of views, title, girl or times favorited. Filters include site filter, tag filter, time filter (week and month), and search field. There are 24 scenes on page, and you can immediately access any page. All scenes can be commented, rated from 1 to 10 and added to favorites. You can also jump to some particular action at once. Scene is divided into such sections as Full Video, 1 minute clips, Pics, Screencaps, and Trailer.

+ A plenty of models with biographies and stats

It’s strange to see the models from the She’s New in the model index of the network, but they are definitely there. You can access model’s profile from the scene page, or you can use a convenient model index, with sorts and filters by name, site and tags. Each model has a profile that contains her essential stats, plus a list of her scenes, and possibly a biography. Each model can be commented, rated and added to favorites, and it pretty much makes the models section of the network very usable. Also, you can request any particular model for a scene or suggest a scenario for that girl. What we have here is a strong and unquestionable plus.

+ Network of 23 porn sites as a bonus

Every member of She’s New gets access to the whole Team Skeet network, which is 23 porn sites with over 2000 scenes and 1300 models. That’s the main reason to buy membership on any of those sites — while on their own they are just small or average high-quality porn sites, all together they are the Team Skeet network, one of the largest producer of top-grade teen porn, with unlimited access to all of its videos and models, and other outstanding possibilities.

- Not very impressive number of scenes

Can’t put the amount of content into the basket of advantages of She’s New. Yet the site has only 183 porn scenes, which is not very impressive (though not bad anyways). Each scene has a video and a photo gallery, plus a set of screen caps and clips, and a trailer. Average playtime of the video here is around 25 minutes, and there are usually nearly 150 images in the photo section. Thus, the total amount of video on this porn site is around 75 hours, and approximately 27 thousands images. It’s not enough for a standalone porn site, though above the average in the network.

- Infrequent updates without schedule

The update schedule on She’s New is a bit complicated. The site updates twice in three weeks, like that: one update in a week, then one update in two weeks, then again one update in a week. There is no schedule, allowing to see the coming updates, but sometimes you can get a cover of the closest one among the scenes. It shows some screen caps in a slide show, and informs you about the title and the publishing date of this scene.

- Not really authentic content

It’s not hard to notice, that many of the girls who are positioned as first-timers, play in other scenes, even on Team Skeet itself. And many of those scenes are earlier than those they appear in on She’s New. It’s absolutely obvious, that those girls are not the first-timers, and the site’s efforts to convince us that those girls are fucking on cam for cash for the first time is worthless.

Landing page vs Member zone

Promises that you get during the free tour and on landing page are 800+ girls, 661 hours of video, 49,554 images and so on. Once you enter the porn site you see, that it has less than that. However, if you check the whole network, it definitely has more than that, so those numbers are probably referencing the Team Skeet network, not just the She’s New porn site, and thus are correct.

Membership price

Prices are rather high, but don’t forget that it includes the whole Team Skeet network: monthly membership fee is $28.97, but you can also buy 3 month membership for $49.99, or pay $95.87 once a year. We do not have any information about discounts yet. Beware of the pre-checked cross sales!


Relatively small porn site with high-quality videos and fake first-timers. Well, it’s still worth subscribing, not just because of the huge teen porn network included in the membership, but also because its videos are still good. Girls look very attractive and emotional, so we should forgive them for having some experience, I guess.


Site Facts


  • Average length:25
  • Number of movies: 183
  • Video formats:
    • 10114 kb/s 1080p
  • Full length videos:yes
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:yes


  • Pic sets: 183
  • Pics per set:150
  • Pics Resolution:1620x1080
  • High Res pictures:yes
  • Zip sets:yes


  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:yes (2 sites)
  • Vid caps:yes
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