Sexy Fur
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  • Content Quality
    12 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    10 / 20
  • Updates
    11 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    11 / 15
  • Originality
    15 / 15
  • Extras
    4 / 15

About site

The site under review today is so unique and exclusive that I don’t even know what to start the story about it with. Its name is Sexy Fur and… No, it’s not all about models in fur coats. And no, it’s not about ladies with exceptionally hirsute pussies. It’s much wilder and much more exciting than that. is a porn site fully dedicated to furries! Those sexy cartoon sex junkies with the heads of beasts and the furry bodies or real porn stars are going to blow you away, believe us!

Free tour

The free tour section of the analyzed XXX paysite is rather modest because technically it comprises only 1 page but… I still found it rather entertaining and informative. There is that popup menu where you can read more about the artists drawing furries for this site as well as see some selected works. They are available in limited resolution and are only offered for a quick viewing online but they are still amazing. Besides, there is that section listing this site’s updates, which seem to be very regular… Damn, I’m starting to like it here!

Amount of Content

And it only keeps on getting better when you enter this resource’s Members area! It turns out to be dating back to 2002! Damn, I can only imagine how huge its collection will be. So I rush into the corresponding section and… Well, that’s not that easy here, for sure. I have never been to furry sites before and I’m sure that everything I see here is exclusive, but… If you know furry porn biz better, tell me – are 1478 pics enough to make up a full-scale XXX collection? In real porn world they are not but, who knows, maybe here it’s okay to have so few. Oh, plus, some of these pics are not even stills but real Flash animations. There are also 32 downloadable erotic stories and 39 sex comic scenes. Yeah, that’s probably a lot after all.

Content Quality

The quality? Well, here it’s going to be pretty easy, I guess. I won’t have to download any videos and stuff and will only need to tell you about the pics’ resolution and… Here we go. 1200x854Px… I’d say it is good. However, it’s good for real porn sites with loads of pictures and videos backing them up. Yeah, right, I think the resolution of the images could have been a tiny bit higher here.


The updates? Well, I think there will be no problems with the updates here because they always comprise only one pic each, as it seems… Yeah, right, only one pic in each. On the other hand, they are released pretty frequently here – they range from 1 to 2 pics a week and are always hot enough and skillfully drawn. There’s a whole gang of artists working for the XXX site under analysis this time, which is why there are hardly any delays with the updates and shit. However, don’t you think that a team of artists is potentially capable of something bigger than 1 pic a week? I definitely do think so. Look, back in 2007 they used to post their stuff here every day. How come they can’t do the same now?


I don’t think there are any bonuses included into one’s membership at the analyzed resource. I can’t tell for sure cause the site’s interface looks so messed up I could have missed something (there are those desktop wallpapers and “Evil Chicks” galleries – are they a part of the main collection?) but… The Join page said nothing about the freebies and there aren’t any obvious links to them, so I reckon this resource has only got that collection of its own and that’s it.


Erm, well, what can I say here? this porn website is actually a very interesting resource, that is for sure. Probably because it is the very first furry porn site that I have ever gotten to review. But is it worth signing up to only because it’s so rare and stuff? I think there should be some more furry porn resources to compare it with before you sign up. Will review one for you as soon as I run into it. On the other hand, all sites dedicated to furries are probably not much bigger than this adult resource, so… Consider it.



  • Trial: 11.41 $ (7 days recurring)
  • Monthly: 28.53 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 month: 77.61 $ (90 days recurring)

Pros and Cons

+ unique and hot content
+ enjoyable pic quality
+ regular updates
- comparatively small collection
- no bonus content
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34