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See GF Sex porn review


Content Quality
6 / 20  
Amount of Content
16 / 20  
7 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
8 / 15  
7 / 15  
10 / 15  
Other Review Rating
8 / 10 (6 sites)



Review porn site: See GF Sex

You think that this gorgeous cutie living next door to you is a real angel that doesn’t really know what sex is? Suspect that all the coeds that study in your school or your college are like nuns when it comes to making out? Well, it’s time to shed some light upon their true nature with the help of See GF Sex – a terrific XXX resource dedicated to the kinky adventures of real amateur babes. Everything that you will see here is homemade – no staging and no pro porn models allowed!

Who knows, maybe you will actually bust someone you know going deep down and dirty on the pages of this adult site. This resource seems to feature sexy novices from all around the world, so… There might be someone from your neighborhood exposed with a cock up her ass – or at least flashing her body in front of the bathroom mirror. By the way, the collection of this site also seems to be pretty large and very diverse, which definitely brings your chances up even higher. ;)

Well, yeah, it’s not that just this site SEEMS to be pretty big – it IS big! The selection of movies is not that stunning, there are “only” 200 of them but the pictures… This is where you will understand what the real freedom of choice is. Come on, just try to guess how many galleries the described XXX website has got to offer to you. 300? 500? 1,000? 1,500? Aim higher, baby! is here to tease you with as many as 2,728 explicit GF sex photo albums! Man, I’m sure it will take you a while to enjoy all of them.

But that’s where the good things end, unfortunately. The videos seem to be working fine here – at least, the thumbnails correspond what is inside them while the pictures… Shit, this is a true disaster. Just try to click on any of the thumbnails and you will end up wandering through a whole humongous collection of 6,000+ completely different pic scenes! Jeez, that’s just laughable. The fact that there are even more scenes than were promised rocks, yeah, but… The fact that they are irrelevant is anything but cool. And yeah, just to throw in some more food for thinking – far not all of those 6,000+ galleries actually work.

The quality of content is another big problem of the described source. I know that you can hardly expect homemade porn sites to be stuffed full of HD content but this… What the reviewed paysite offers to you is simply pathetic. The pics offered here barely reach 700x525Px in size and they are still cool if compared to those videos that you will find inside. Say, when was the last time you saw 320x240p videos with the bitrate of 150Kbps? Or, actually, have you ever seen videos that were this bad? I doubt it. I really really doubt it. And no, I don’t think that the information about the weekly updates here is correct – I will rate this site correspondingly but I still don’t believe it.

Disappointed? Well, maybe the numerous bonuses that this XXX site will give you access to will serve as a relatively good consolation. Those 6,000+ pic scenes are not the only extra that you will get here – what attracts me much more, for instance, are the 2,000+ videos supplied by the 8 sites associated with the reviewed porn source. They are exactly as bad as this XXX source’s own ones but… Well, at least, there are many of them – maybe you will find at least a bunch that will be worth your attention.

One way or another, this adult website is definitely not my perfect type of site. Its size is impressing, alright, but… Shit, homie, haven’t you heard that size doesn’t matter?! The rest of this site’s features are all bad – and that’s exactly why I ain’t gonna give it a high rating. Feel free to blame me for it but I just can’t force myself into doing it.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-10-18)
index of member zone (2011-10-18)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-10-18)
pics galleries (2011-10-18)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-10-18)
User Photo Albums (2011-10-18)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-10-18)
video sample (2011-10-18)


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