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Review porn site: Secretary Seductions

You think that men hire beautiful secretaries because they are the first people that the potential partners and customers meet when they come to their offices? Come on, give me a break! The only reason why a really hot sec is the best is because it’s such a pleasure to fuck her during business hours – right when everyone in your office thinks you are working hard behind the closed doors of your office.

Secretary Seductions is a site that showcases this general truth with stunning vividness by showing a good deal of very hot secretaries getting shagged on their working places. Well, sure, they are pro porn stars and not just some office babes gone wild – here at this resource you will see Jennifer White, Tory Lane, Alektra Blue and other famous adult biz superstars getting naughty in strict business-like settings but… Well, I surely don’t mind it. Those candies are not only hot beyond belief – they also seem to know what they are doing when the time to drop their phones and pens and to handle cock comes. Great stuff! :)

Saying that I really expected much from the analyzed adult site is like saying nothing at all, I guess – the outside of this resource was very, very promising. However, I couldn’t get rid of a little suspicion cause I had reviewed several sites affiliated with this one before and… Their collections were anything but big. Unfortunately, this site is not an exception from the rule here – even though it tries hard to lure you into believing that its collection is a big one by offering you all the scenes from its own exclusive collection and from all the bonus sites in one place but… Don’t let it cheat you! It has only got 11 videos and 12 photo scenes to offer to you. Funny, isn’t it? I bet you expected more from it, didn’t you?

Sure, you shouldn’t lose hope or anything cause this XXX resource is said to be updated more or less regularly, giving you one full scene every two weeks – but I wouldn’t say it’s fast enough. This site is developing with the speed of a real turtle, which is fairly disappointing. It needs to speed up a bit if it has the aim to turn into a real uniform fetish porn must-see someday. A dozen scenes… Come on, it’s just laughable!

The quality of content at this site is a rather tricky issue, I should say. On one hand, I’m very satisfied with the things I see in the Videos section – the movies available there have got totally enormous bitrate. On the other hand, those of you who like pics more will probably stay displeased with this porn paysite as its photos are as small as 900x600Px. Why on Earth do they make them so small? Just can’t understand it.

The bonuses, just like I have already said, are very, very hot at the reviewed porn site – the only problem is the size of the archives of those bonus sites. There are five of them and all of them have collections as small as that of This can be partially explained by the fact that all these sites are rather new and, therefore, are only developing. However, the speed of this development obviously needs to go up a bit, for sure. There are also some additional porn video feeds available from the XXX Cinema section – but I just didn’t manage to make any of them work as the downloads available from them had some very weird format that I couldn’t view. Besides, I suspect a full-time porn movie of decent quality can’t quite fit into a 200-byte file? What do you think about it? :)

Okay, it’s time to leave the described XXX site and move on to the next site from its network. Sorry I couldn’t manage to make this review sound super-exciting – but that’s most probably because the site it describes is not super-exciting either.


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