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Scandal shows site blocked Review date: 2012-07-25
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  • We recommend do not register at Scandal shows because it is not safe for you

    About site

    There’s hardly anyone who will say that live shows in front of webcams are not hot. However, tonight I want to draw your attention to something that is even hotter. Tonight I will be telling you about real live sex shows taking place up on the stage in front of dozens or maybe even hundreds of people watching. Being an integral part of almost any large-scale porn convention or XXX studio presentation, those shows totally kick ass. Wanna know what they are all about? Try Scandal Shows together with me then!

    Free tour

    Despite the awesome concept that this site is based on, its free tour is a total failure, to be honest. It is an endless row of very exciting thumbnails, each of which leads you to… The Join page. Damn, here you just can’t help feeling cheated over and over again! It only gets fun when you click on the Trailer Video link on the top of the front page. The clip offered there is the site’s only real trailer and it’s fucking awesome. Okay, it alone is enough to make me wanna take a peek into the Members area.

    Amount of Content

    Even though live sex shows and extreme stripping sessions are probably not the most frequently filmed type of content out there, the collection of this resource still turns out to be a rather nice-sized one. There are 118 picture galleries and 93 videos and… Hey, hold on a moment, what the fuck is that? I’m sure my eyes are not fooling me – and what I see here are full scenes split into chunks and, which is even worse, absolutely identical shoots being passed for separate ones. Those are not too numerous – I guess there must be around a dozen or so but their presence still spoils the overall impression about the site, for sure.

    Content Quality

    The quality of content at this resource turns out to be surprisingly decent, I must say – I expected it to be amateurish and stuff, filmed from the middle of the howling crowd with a cell phone trembling in the hands of some overexcited dude but… Well, the 1350x950Px pictures and 720x540Px at 1564Kbps videos are not that bad, fortunately. I agree that the latter showing could have been higher but the heck with it. It’s not too bad either.


    The regularity of updates is a mystery wrapped in a riddle, word. I can see the dates of updates in the Pictures zone and it’s quite clear that new scenes get released once in every 4 days there – but what about the videos? The update dates are simply not stated there – even though the section is just overfilled with teaser thumbnails of upcoming videos. I’m no magician and I surely can’t read the thoughts of this site’s owners, so… I just leave the regularity of updates as “once in 4 days”, alright?


    Looking at this resource from the outside, I already suspected it of being a bit too basic. The Members area only proved me right – there are lots of navigation features lacking, the way the content is organized leaves much to be desired, archived photo galleries are not available… Yeah, that’s very far from perfect.


    When I’m talking about the bonuses here, I can’t help but smile from pleasure. It is a helluva generous one – there are 35 other XXX resources (all straight – and some gay ones that I shouldn’t list here, I guess) that will probably be of some interest to you. 4 more of them are dedicated to public nudity and sex too, by the way – but the bad part is that 3 of them are identical to each other. Oh, and the last but not least. There are also 4 bonus porn channels (photo collections) dedicated to softcore erotica, hardcore porn, hairy girls and busty babes. Man, that might be interesting.


    The only thing that is still sort of attracting me to this site at the moment is the enormous exciting potential of its content. Those live hardcore banging shows and extreme stripping and toying sessions are classy. Still, there need to be more of them, they should be framed by a better design and navigation system, their quality might need to go up a bit too… Yeah, there’s clearly some space for improvements here. And still, this site’s stuff is so fucking hot I can’t resist it no matter what! :)