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Sammy 18 porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
6 / 20  
8 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
11 / 15  
11 / 15  
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Review porn site: Sammy 18

Sammy, the adorable star of Sammy 18, is the perfectly typical and perfectly sexy girl-next-door – the type that you see passing you by in the street a zillion times during the day. Jeans, blond pigtails, cute looks that ain’t got nothing to do with fake everything on pro porn stars… Sammy is not provocative, slutty or kinky – at least not until you see the things taking place on the on the pages of her personal porn site.

Yeah, that site is where our little cutie drops her innocent looks and turns into the horny vixen that she really is. Her lovely young face, her slightly full body and her charming eyes stay – but they come accompanied with tons of sex appeal and matchless eagerness when it comes to naked posing or hard sex in front of the camera. You, you got everything right, my friend – even in spite of sporting just adorably innocent looks, the described XXX site does hardcore. She does it – and she enjoys it! At least, this is what I can tell after having taken a brief look through her site’s free tour pages. Well, that was a good one – now I simply can’t wait to see what’s there inside the Members area.

this resource is definitely more productive than other teens starring for the XXX network that her site belongs to (will tell you about it a tiny bit later). While some of the other girls are trying to content you with 10 scenes or something around that, Sammy outshines them with 20 movies and 16 picture galleries. Well, yeah, I agree that “outshines” is a word too loud to be used here but still… 20 scenes are obviously better than 10, don’t you find? Especially when they are as hot as what Sammy offers to her watchers.

The situation with the updates seems to be alright here. I don’t know if I should believe all the dates that I see here but… If the answer is yes, then everything is just perfect here. In that case it means that the reviewed porn site is getting updated more frequently than once every week. Believe me, that’s a proper showing for a solo porn site featuring only one model – especially one as charming and as hot as little Sammy.

What I definitely wouldn’t have minded here is higher quality of the content. The videos and the pics that I have just downloaded from made me doubt that the dates of the updates are stated correctly and 100% honestly here. the website under my scrutiny surely doesn’t look like a homemade porn site – but why does it offer 960x540p videos with the bitrate of under 2000Kbps then? The 1500x1000Px pictures are better already – but there still seems to be something wrong about them. But maybe that’s just me pretending, alright.

What doesn’t leave absolutely anything to be desired here at this porn paysite, in its turn, is the selection of bonus content. Yeah, just like I promised, now is the time to tell you about the network that this site belongs to. It’s called something like Tiny Teen Pass and it comprises 24 sites – most of them being personal resources of teen models as young and as cute as Sammy. Well, actually, I’d even say that a good deal of them are more appealing than Sammy, believe it or not. Tastes differ and stuff. :) Anyway, the load of pics and movies that you will get in addition to those 20 videos and 16 pic galleries will be totally astounding, believe my word.

Time to sum it all up, huh? Well, it’s gonna be easy here, in fact. While the analyzed adult site, when viewed as a separate site, is worth hitting mainly because of its gorgeous young model, the network of this resource is a total must-see. So much content, such mouthwatering young babes, so cheap… Count me in!


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