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Russian Sex Chat porn review


Content Quality
9 / 20  
Amount of Content
9 / 20  
9 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
9 / 15  
9 / 15  
9 / 15  
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Review porn site: Russian Sex Chat

Heard that Russian girls are the sluttiest on the planet? Still trying to find and hook one for yourself at dating sites and shit? Come on, stop wasting time – tonight I will tell you about a resource where you can easily engage in a webcam conversation with some Russian hottie and get her to pull the wildest stunts for you in a private paid chat. Yeah, sure, it costs some dough but… Come on, that’s gonna be fun. There’s no need to wine her and dine her – just throw in a couple of bucks and she will be yours for some time. Okay, let’s cut this bullshit and get down to business finally at Russian Sex Chat.

What makes this site different from most similar resources and what I don’t really like is the membership fee that you have to pay upon signing up for it. It’s not a secret for anyone that most webcam porn sites offer free memberships and only make you pay when you are ready to engage in a private chat with the model of your choice but… Here at the described resource it is different. You have to pay BOTH when you sign up for the site (approximately 18 Euro a month) and when you engage in private chatting. 3 Euro a minute is the fixed rate here for 1-on- 1 chats where you can switch your camera on as well and let your chatmate see you and 1 Euro a minute is the fixed rate for peeping mode where you can spy after the model as she’s servicing someone else. Needless to say, you won’t be able to chat with the babe in the meantime. However, maybe it’s not too much of a bad offer anyway – voyeurs will like it, probably. :)

And that paid signup was not the thing that disappointed me the most, in fact. I’m inside the Members area of the analyzed source now and you know what? I understand that it’s not for the very first time that I’m seeing it. It is the absolute copy of Seventeen Live, which is the adult webcam chat resource I have reviewed a couple of days ago. The same interface, the same models, even the same rates… Damn, I should have guessed it earlier. However, it won’t make that much difference if you weren’t a member of Seventeen Live before – if you weren’t, the babes of this website will still seem new and unfamiliar to you.

Now a couple of words about the quality of content here… Basically, it’s pretty fine – even though the reviewed paysite is not an HD one, it still offers you clear live videos that run without any lagging and stuff. I’m not quite impressed by the frame size that only reaches 640x480Px here though but that’s the average for webcam porn sites, so I guess there’s nothing to bullshit about after all. The videos’ high running speed is probably due to the fact that the models of this paysite are not working from home – they sit in the company’s private studios with high-speed Internet and stuff.

However, this working pattern with private studios and stuff has one major downside to it – can’t afford featuring too many models. Right now I’m looking at the listing of girls that are online and… Well, it surely is not a very long one. There are as few as 3 of them there! Damn, that’s not too much, for sure. Even though they are really cute and everything, the chances that you won’t find the one you need among them are rather high, I would say. Just for the fun of it – when I was reviewing Seventeen Live, there were 10 chicks online, so… Maybe it’s not that hopeless after all. :) It’s probably simply the wrong time today.

Okay, let’s finish with this one, I guess. As you can understand, I’m not particularly stunned by the site under my scrutiny or anything. Even more, I’d say it really leaves much to be desired. It’s not exclusive, there are very few models here, the prices are rather high and that membership fee is something I don’t like at all… I think you can find a better webcam chat site.


Trial: 4.95 $ ( recurring)
Monthly: 17.95 $ (30 days recurring)