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There's nothing that can compare to getting an orgasm, that's for sure – but… Hey, many men think that there is one thing that sometimes feels as good as that – it's delivering a powerful screaming orgasm to some sexy lady. It feels best when it comes together with your own one though. ;)

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Real Orgasm Videos is a porn site that will allow you to see a lot of them female orgasms – the beautiful, wet and loud female orgasms filmed by the famous porn producer Dirty D. This guy specializes in shooting porn that feels kinda "real" – all due to the fact that you can see both pro porn stars and simple girls-next-door starring in it, I guess. Besides, just look at the listing of scenes here at this XXX site… Damn, I can't help smiling every time I see it cause it looks totally hilarious. The same sybian planted in the middle of the carpet in one and the same poorly furnished room. The setting is always the same – only the babes riding that sybian are changing. Jeez, there are so many faces and so many orgasms captured here – does it mean that the collection of this resource really is this big?

Amount of Content

Yeah, right, it is. All in all, there are 185 scenes that you will find inside this resource – all of them being sizzling hot and… Well, yeah, again, so "real". The girls are really beautiful here too – they range from mouthwatering porn stars to slightly plump babes you can see in the street every single day. In fact, you might really see them in the street every single day provided that you are a resident of Tampa Bay, Florida, cause this is exactly where everything this site supplies is filmed.

Content Quality

Oh, just look at that! the analyzed resource is the very first site by Dirty D that doesn't supply content of totally disgusting quality! Sure, its movies still can't be called crystal-clear – they have the frame size as small as 720x480 and bitrate as low as 2130Kbps but they are not terribly blurred, unlike other videos supplied by this network. Technically, they are even good enough for me to give the highest content quality rating to this site but… Hey, it will be kind of unfair towards True HD sites, so I will bring the rating down here a bit, if you don't mind.


The updating schedule at looks alright too – you will be getting to see new loud babes twice to three times a month here. Frankly, the only thing that looks strange here is the quality again. I mean, come on, if Real Orgasm Video gets updated this often, why on Earth are its videos looking so outdated? 720x480 at 2130Kbps – that's not the kind of stuff people shoot these days, sorry. Even if Dirty D was racing around with an iPhone instead of a camcorder, his stuff still should have been better.


Talking about the bonuses, I have to say that the analyzed adult resource is probably the best in its network of 30+ porn sites. There are very few of them that still keep on getting updated and there are even fewer of them that offer pics and movies of more or less decent quality. On the other hand, I should say that this resource is probably the most softcore in its network. The ones you will get as an extra are either as wild as it is or even wilder. Fetish porn and even extreme sex scenes are anything but a rarity here.


You know, I feel kinda funny here. Frankly, I would have never called this website a good site if I were reviewing it mere two days ago. However, having reviewed 16 shitty-ass low- quality outdated porn sites in a row, I will probably tell that this one is not bad. Not bad at all!

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