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Raylene Richards porn review


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Review porn site: Raylene Richards

Many babes have to spend a lot of effort in order to enter porn and stay in the biz. They pump their bodies full of silicone, they act slutty, they pull the wildest stunts in front of the camera both alone and with their male and female fuckmates… Raylene Richards, in her turn, is so unlike them. This dazzling blond babe whose personal XXX site is under review here tonight looks like Mother Nature herself wanted her to be a porn star!

Judge yourself – Raylene has got a wonderful set of 100% natural big breasts that look unbelievably firm. Thus, she doesn’t need any cheap silicone to attract more attention from men. However, as opposed to other naturally stacked chicks, Raylene is not plump. It’s incredible but her awesome rack doesn’t need any extra fat to stay impeccable. She’s slim (maybe even skinny in her earliest shoots), she’s got a terrific little booty and beautiful hips. Hell, she is impeccable – the true embodiment of perfection. Sure I will give her site a close inspection – with great pleasure!

Hmm, that’s weird. I’m inside the Members area now, I’m looking at the updates that are exposed on the very front page and I feel a bit puzzled. Well, on one hand, everything seems to be alright from the start here. Over the past two months raylene-richards.net pleased her members with two new pic galleries, which is not too much of a bad showing for a personal porn site of one model. The bad part is that it was preceded by 12 months of silence! And look at the videos section – the last time it was updated was 4 years ago! Does it mean that this site is springing back to life lately or is it a desperate attempt to fool the members into believing that it’s up to date? Frankly, I don’t know. But let’s think positive and hope for the better.

Looking through the site’s galleries, I understand that I can’t quite realize what age fits this porn website better. Her body looked totally mind-blowing in her earlier shoots though her face got much beautiful with age. I’d say she looks better as an experienced porn star, not as a young wannabe. Have a look through her 55 solo pic galleries, 2 lesbian photo scenes and 8 videos yourself though – maybe you will disagree with me. Maybe Raylene’s earlier scenes will excite you more.

The quality of Raylene’s stuff? Well, frankly speaking, I expected it to be lower. It was the shabby front page and free tour area that made me think so. However, inside I find 704x396Px at 1650Kbps videos and 1400x933Px pictures. Not too bad for a site with not really regular updates, right? On the other hand, let me warn you – don’t think that this XXX paysite is a thing of the past already. This babe is only 28 years old now, so I really think we can still expect more stuff from her!

this adult site’ site also promises us a decent portion of nice extras. Let’s start with those that feature Raylene herself. On her bio page you will find a link to a page with several desktop wallpapers showing her in all her glory and 4 striptease videos this busty babe shot for that virtual desktop stripper site. They are worth taking a look at too! Plus, there are 28 more sites, most of which are personal XXX resources of the most prominent Euro porn models of the past few years (even a couple of past decades, I’d say) – and all of them will be available to you for free once you sign up to the analyzed adult paysite.

So, did I like this site? Yes, I did. Did I like the babe that it features? Fuck yeah! But am I truly satisfied with every little piece of this source? I’d say no – more regular updates and higher quality of content would surely do this porn source no harm.


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