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Puz pass site blocked Review date: 2010-07-19
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 Month: 59.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)
  • We recommend do not register at Puz pass because it is not safe for you

    About site

    You say you like really fresh chicks? Or maybe the ones that turn you on best are luscious busties? If you are in for any of these two kinds of girls, then I have something to recommend to you, my dear reader. PUZ Pass is the site that I will be reviewing tonight – it's the full-scale version of Puz mobile that I have already reviewed some time ago and, as I really loved that Puz mobile, I think I have got all the reasons to expect a lot from this adult website as well. :) Alright, time to take a closer look at this one!

    Free tour

    Technically, this XXX website is a network of 43 porn sites. However, I feel I have to subtract a couple of them from the total showing straight from the start. See, among those 43 sites there is Puz mobile, which is the same the analyzed porn site, only for mobile devices, then there is that Busty babes pass, which unites the content from all busty models in this porn website, there are also German language versions of this XXX site and Puz mobile, which are regarded as separate resources for some reason… Thus, I can say that there are 39 separate sites inside the porn site under my scrutiny in fact – but that's still quite an impressing showing, isn't it? Those 39 sites are mostly solo ones – solo resources that, nevertheless, include loads of hardcore action. Surprisingly, it's the teens who do hardcore shit most often – while the busties turn out to be more into softer stuff, those little cuties come fucking with hung guys like there ain't no tomorrow!

    Content Quality

    The size of this site's collection is not stunning – especially for a network comprising almost 40 sites. There are 260 movies (up to 4200Kbps) and 318 photo scenes (up to 1700x1140Px) here. Thus, supposedly, each of this network's models has done around 6-7 videos and 8 photo shoots so far, right? I wouldn't say that they are working too hard, no doubt. :) Anyway, if you take into account that the analyzed XXX paysite is not that old after all (it's a little over 1 year old), you will most probably get less demanding.


    What is very cool is the fact that this XXX source is definitely going to keep on getting bigger and bigger with time – the updates at this resource are daily. Okay, now I see why they got themselves so many models at once – just get one monthly shoot with each of them and you've got your site growing at top speed. Less pain, more gain. That doesn't mean that I'm accusing puzpass.com of anything – just pointing at their smart-ass strategy, you know. :)


    Think that those 39 sites will be everything you will get for your money here? No way! Looks like the owners of this XXX resource are fully aware of the fact that on the first stages of their development they need a little help from the outside and… This is why inside the Bonus Area section of this resource's restricted zone you will also be able to find 60 other XXX resources covering a whole lot of different porn categories – all available to you absolutely for free. Quite a bonus, huh? Besides, I feel I just have to mention a couple of other extras that will be there for you: this website also contains quite some funny and sexy adult Flash games and a bunch of exGF pics and videos submitted by the members of the resource themselves. Those homemade XXX masterpieces often turn out to be really impressing, by the way.


    So, in general, my overall attitude towards this porn resource is anything but negative. If you regard it as a start-up, it's an awesome one. If you regard it as a network of sites, it's an awesome one. Of course, if you start analyzing each of the sites included into it in particular, it will get less impressing straight away but… Come on, there will be so much stuff for you to choose from anyway. :)