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  • Content Quality
    14 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    4 / 20
  • Updates
    10 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    13 / 15
  • Originality
    8 / 15
  • Extras
    5 / 15

About site

Bet that it’s not a secret for anyone that most black guys are monstrously endowed. This is the fact that attracts some white bitches – and totally scares off the rest. Fortunately, in the process of reviewing today’s porn paysite, we will only have to deal with the former type of chicks – the ones that are adventurous enough to simply pounce at those black monsters and get the best of them in the course of wild hardcore fucking. Even more, they hardly ever content themselves with plain mainstream sex. In most of the cases you will see them taking those humongous ebony shafts in the ass!

Free tour

Yeah, now you see that the site’s not called Punishing White Assholes for no reason. Every single scene offered here shows some extremely naughty white candy getting her ass plowed by an enormously endowed black thug. And those whiteys are not plain hoochies off the street. Here at this resource you will see such top-notch porn stars as Britney Stevens, Cindy Dollar, Gia Paloma… You know, looking at these naughty hoochies, I feel that they could have actually ended up even getting anal DPs from them ebony studs. That would have been interesting. :)

Amount of Content

Erm… Hehe, are they serious? Jeez, the people taking care of this site must be plain crooks, pardon my French! Just have a look through its almost impeccable free tour pages, imagine all the things that you can expect to get inside a site looking as good as this one and… Kaboom! Join it and do your best to enjoy 12 videos and 10 picture scenes that the described XXX site offers. Yeah, I really do mean it, homie – this site really is this tiny! Just a dozen scenes and that’s it… Yeah, right, looks like really endowed black dawgs are still avoided by most anal sex junkies.

Content Quality

Why am I so unusually strict with a brand-new and seemingly cool porn site, you wonder? Well, let me tell you something, buddy. I don’t want to sound overprotective or anything but I don’t feel that the described site is as up-to-date as it claims itself to be. Three months of history, weekly updates, shit like that… But why on Earth can’t this site’s scenes boast of quality high enough then? Those 1024x683Px pictures are definitely not that impressing and those 640x480Px videos with the bitrate of slightly over 2000Kbps are even worse! Fuck, that’s bad.


But okay, maybe I should yell about being cheated and shit like that too loudly here. You see, is claimed to be a really new site that was launched less than 3 months ago. It’s been updated weekly and hasn’t yet managed to grow as big as one would like it to be. But hey, judge yourself – why on Earth have they asked to review it then? That’s some real reckless behavior. No excuses accepted.


Fortunately, there is a whole ton of extras to keep you busy when you end up feeling totally heartbroken and lonely after enjoying the whole of this site’s content collection, in, like, a couple of days. There are 73 bonus porn sites and 100+ so-called “network channels” that actually look like porn sites to me as well. It’s really cool that there seem to be quite some interracial and anal porn ones among them but… Unfortunately, there seem to be none dedicated both to anal and interracial sex at once. the reviewed XXX source is the only one of its kind here.


New site with totally laughable collection of not-really-brand-new porn… Okay, I might be the most tolerant porn reviewer in the world but I still can’t quite call this stuff cool. Even in spite of all those bonuses luring me. If you are after real black-on-white ass destruction, you probably need to keep on looking.



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  • Number of movies: 34
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