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Public Wasted site blocked Review date: 2012-07-19
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    Look, buddy, I really need you to help me answer one very important question here: why on Earth some smartass people simply copy their own sites and try to pass them for different resources? That’s the question that comes racing through my head as I look at Public Wasted once again, some 16 months after I saw it for the very first time. Yes, it did grow up significantly – now there are 81 picture scenes and 656 movies comprising its archive but… The bad part is that now it’s absolutely identical to sites called Boozed Women and Strip Club Cheaters – the sites that belong to the same network with it.


    Okay, but the heck with it – it’s all not as bad as it could have been after all. The network of Wank Pass is not limited to these 3 sites. There are some 36 more and they already have less in common. It’s a pity they don’t have anything to do with public nudity and public sex but… They might be of interest to you anyway. I myself really loved the young porn ones – there must be around a dozen of them at the moment. Check them out too – maybe they won’t be as disappointing as the one under review.

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