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Public sex shows site blocked Review date: 2012-07-24
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    About site

    Public Sex Shows takes you around the world in a swirl of XXX adventures, going from one crazy adult-oriented show to another, showing you just how wild pro exotic dancers and pro performers can get in front of the cheering crowd. What starts off as usual exotic dancing can be taking you just anywhere – even as far as real sex for the amused spectators, as far as fisting, fetish stuff or anything else. Whew, that’s something.

    Free tour

    The free tour at this resource could have been a failure if it didn’t have such a kick-ass trailer video for the first-time visitors. Judge yourself – it looks really bad from the first sight with that ancient design, fake thumbnails taking you straight to the Join page and stuff but… Well, just click on that Video Trailer button and you will be blown away by a totally kinky-ass show from a busty shorthaired blondie who teases a lucky dude up on the stage, gets all naked and shoves a fist up her hole in front of him for dessert, her pussy gushing with squirt… Holy fuck, if it’s not hardcore, then I don’t know what hardcore is.

    Amount of Content

    Okay, there are certain things that this resource can be blamed for and I will list them all below – but it’s clear that one can’t blame it for not being large enough. 150 picture galleries captured during awesome erotic and hardcore sex shows, 175 videos and countless promises of new releases to be published soon. Hmm, looks like this one can keep you going for a while. Putting it mildly, of course. However, I also noticed that pic galleries are not always full here – some get split into chunks and that definitely sucks.

    Content Quality

    I’m rather surprised to see that the quality (the quality of pictures, at least) is rather decent here. I have just downloaded some and they turn out to be fairly clear and nice-sized 1350x950Px ones. How let’s hang on a second while I download the videos and… Yeah, here we go. 720x480Px at 1565Kbps… Well, that’s definitely not HD but that’s still better than what I expected to find here.


    I don’t know why but there’s barely any information about the updates available at this site. If you hit the Pictures zone, you will see that new releases are made once in every three days there while the Videos… Hmm, there’s not even a single trace of dates when this or that scene got released there. On the other hand, the list of upcoming video releases is there too – it’s just that the site doesn’t say when they are scheduled for.


    The bonuses? Fuck yeah, there are some! All in all, there will be 38 other sites that you will have free access to – and the best part is that at least 4 more of them are dedicated to public nudity and sex as well. Okay, maybe things don’t get THAT explicit here – or do they? You will see girls flashing their bodies at Mardi Gras and during spring break parties, in strip clubs and in swingers’ hideaways, you will see drunk babes getting fucked at dorm parties in front of their friends watching and cheering… Damn, that’s gonna be fun here! Or won’t it? Hold on a second… yeah, I have just noticed that at least 3 of those 4 bonus public nudity and sex sites are identical to each other. Damn, cheaters everywhere!


    The navigation system is far not the easiest I have ever seen in my life, that is without a doubt. Everything is kind of messed up here, navigating from scene to scene requires quite a few clicks, sorting and filtering functions are not available, archive downloads are not available… You know where I’m going. This site might have definitely used a better organized interface.


    So, what do we have as the result here? this XXX website is anything but easy to navigate, its video quality could have been better, the situation with the updates seems questionable but… I can forgive it for all those imperfections because its content is so fucking hot! Just can’t stop watching them. This is what they don’t show in your local strip club, hell no – have a look at it and you will understand.