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  • Content Quality
    18 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    12 / 20
  • Updates
    8 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    14 / 15
  • Originality
    12 / 15
  • Extras
    9 / 15

About site

Boobs, boobs, boobs… Anybody who does not like boobs out there? Well, I know that there are guys who prefer girls with smaller breasts but they are surely not numerous. Thus, I guess that the review of the site that I will be examining tonight is very likely to match the taste of most of this site’s readers, right? :) So, this one is called Prime Cups and… I think that I have already heard about it quite a lot of times before! Rumors are always a good thing – they can mean that a site is either very good or very bad but clearly not boring. Of course, believing rumors is not something that I’m going to do here – I would much rather take a look at this XXX site myself and you know what? I’m gonna do it straight away! The index and free tour pages of this resource look very appealing with all their 100% hardcore scenes dedicated to the dirty adventures of hot busties and the promises stated next to them are not any worse – so why waste any more time? Let’s see what is available on the inside of this seemingly awesome resource.

Free tour

Well, it looks like this porn site is currently living through the times that surely cannot be called the best in its history – it’s been more than 8 months since it was updated for the last time and I’m almost sure that new releases are not something you can hope to receive here. This didn’t happen all of a sudden – at a certain point in time this site started getting updated with non-exclusive content, which you can find at every other site in its network, plus, those non-exclusive scenes were no longer featuring busty girls. The result? Well, the result was predictable – went downhill.

Amount of Content

Nevertheless, I think that even now you have something to enjoy at this site – for a limited period of time, of course, but still – 166 scenes featuring 111 models most of whom still are really busty will keep you busy for a very long time, for sure. However, I think I have to beg your pardon for a little mistake of mine – above I have said that the described XXX resource was 100% hardcore while now that I’m on the inside of this resource I can see quite a lot of solo scenes. They are hot – but still not as hot as hardcore movies, no doubt.

Content Quality

Think that the fact that the content of this XXX paysite is kinda outdated means that its quality will most probably disappoint you? Don’t hurry with too hasty conclusions, bud – this site has got 1500x1000Px pics and even more qualitative videos to supply you with! Each of the movies presented to your attention here is available in a number of quality options the highest one being totally awesome – 1920x1080Px at 8000Kbps! You can even watch this stuff on your HDTV if you wanna – if you are ready to spend all the time needed to download a 2Gb movie file, of course. :)


The exclusive (or, actually “not-so-exclusive”) collection of the analyzed XXX website is a big one – and it looks like this fact affects the choice of bonuses. Frankly, the choice of bonus movies here is laughable – there are as few as 11 of them! Well, this is not too surprising if you consider my previous experience of surfing sites from the same network with this XXX source – those sources were not too generous with bonuses as well, that’s for sure.


So, do you think I can still call this adult website a hot one after having listed all the bad features I have spotted here? Erm, frankly speaking, I don’t think so. Well, sure, there are lots of things to enjoy here and they are quite qualitative – but that’s still not enough for me to say that I’m really impressed by the described porn source. Sorry to admit it, but this seemingly awesome source still leaves something to be desired.



  • Trial: 2.95 $ (3 days recurring)
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 Month: 69.95 $ (90 days recurring)
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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