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Pleasure Me Asia porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
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Review porn site: Pleasure Me Asia

Damn, and I thought that kinky Asian porn was the prerogative of the Japanese. I mean, everything that those guys from the Land of the Rising Sun produce really looks damn hot and damn provoking while the works of porn producers from the rest of Asia… Unfortunately, they are almost always boring. Pleasure Me Asia is here with an attempt to break this stereotype by offering you what might be a real kinky collection of vids featuring girls from all over the Far East – Thailand (no, there are no ladyboys here), Philippines, Indonesia and so on.

This site is said to contain a lot of fetish materials – tickling, fisting, bondage, foot fetish and so on. However, when you take a closer look at the free tour pages, you understand that far not everything is that hardcore there. Yeah, I've seen a bunch of those rather perverted episodes but those are mostly an exception from the rule. Most of the described adult site is about lesbian pussy licking, blowjobs, an occasional all-hole fucking and so on. Well, it's still kinkier than the majority of Asian porn videos shot outside of Japan, so why not give it a try after all?

Immediately after entering the Members area, you end up on the front page of the site's network. I mean, the front page of its restricted access zone. Yeah, right, the site under review today comes together with quite a load of freebies – there are 3 more sites fully dedicated to Asian chicks. They don't shoot for fetish porn and proudly announce that they are softcore or simple straight hardcore ones and… This announcement seems to have more to do with the real state of affairs than that of this porn site. They all seem to be pretty nice-sized in terms of content too, which is cool. Guess I will have to give the analyzed porn source a really high rating in the Extras section. :)

But let's cut talking about the freebies and get back to the site, which is actually under review today. Hmm, looks like the described paysite can't really boast of having a big archive of content – everything that you get inside its Members area are 25 videos and 43 photo galleries. Taking the fact that its content is not as fetish-oriented as it is supposed to be into account, I would say that the situation really leaves much to be desired here.

And the quality of content… I actually noticed that the video screencaps on the outside of this site really sucked but I didn't even realize the situation was that bad here. Damn, even if you are undemanding enough to content yourself with 720x480Px videos with the bitrate of 2070Kbps, you will probably be very disappointed when you see the 800x600Px pictures – not available for downloading in zipped archives, which is very inconvenient. Why is everything so bad here? Well, I think I know the answer, unfortunately. The pics are shamelessly watermarked with the names of other websites that don't have anything to do with the reviewed porn website, which means that the content here is non-exclusive and most probably outdated.

In spite of all that, still keeps on getting updated. Every single week there is a new scene presented to you – a scene as bad as the ones that came before it, unfortunately. No, I don't say they are not hot enough – all those Asian rookies and the things they do totally rock. It's the quality that spoils it all, I would say.

Umm, the conclusion… Well, I hope you won't be really surprised by the fact that I won't recommend you to sign up for the analyzed porn resource – at least, not yet. Maybe with time they will run out of low-quality content and switch on to posting high-quality stuff instead. I will keep an eye on this one, I promise. ;)


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I’m Not a Lesbian (2011-05-21)
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