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Pantyhose tales Full review

About site

Pantyhose Tales is a site that many nylon junkies out there will find fairly appealing, no doubt. Fully dedicated to babes in pantyhose, it shows them flashing their precious pussies through sheer nylon – and getting them licked and fucked by their female and male lovers. Yeah, this resource is clearly not as softcore as many other pantyhose fetish sites are – it’s all about steamy lesbian and straight sex here. It’s not plain pussy toying and dicking though – the action is still very nylon-centered, so expect loads of nylon humping, footjobs, foot worshipping and other stuff like that. Yummy!

Free tour

The free tour will most probably make you giggle. Or laugh your ass off. Or get angry and close this site never to return to it again. No shit, it looks like it comes from a very, very long time ago – like, late 1990s, perhaps. Its design looks plain scary and its free trailer content doesn’t quite do what it is supposed to do because you will need to scrutinize it through a fucking magnifying glass if you want to understand what it’s all about. Tiny pics, like, 50x50Px, laughable Flash animations instead of videos… Damn, if site is bad as it looks, then it’s clearly doesn’t deserve any attention at all!

Amount of Content

Okay, okay, it’s probably that I love building up the suspense in my porn site reviews a little too much. It is a part of that Ferro Network and that explains everything. Due to some wicked reason, all of the sites comprising this network look like shit – and turn out to be pretty cool on the inside. This site is by no means an exception from the rule – inside it you will find 429 nylon fetish fucking videos – all exclusive and hot as hell!

Content Quality

I know it will sound pretty surprising here – especially if you have seen how bad site actually looks – but the quality of the movies that it offers is actually very decent. The most recent of its releases are available in the frame size of 1280x720Px and the bitrate of 3300Kbps! And it’s not just a movie or two – about a third of this resource’s collection is good enough for me to call it HD. The older videos reaching 2100Kbps in bitrate are not that good already – but still watchable, I would say.


Oops, this is where I will have to bring you down, sorry. Even though it was starting to look almost impeccable in terms of content, impeccable is what it is not. What turns out to be rather disappointing is the regularity of updates at this site. Or, to be more precise, the lack of updates. Not quite cool, is it? The last time something new appeared here was on March 24, 2012. Not so long ago but still. Before that the updates had been weekly, so there’s clearly something wrong here.


That “Bonus” section inside the Members area definitely did look inspiring at site – but it turned out to be containing just a bunch of teaser pic and video galleries. The real bonuses are not that easy to get here, unfortunately. Let’s start with the fact that they are not even free. You will have to pay $85 for the first month, $50 for the second, third and fourth and $30/month from that moment on if you want to get access to the whole of its network. But holy fuck, it is worth it, man. 50+ exclusive Euro porn sites with almost 20 of them being dedicated to nylon fetish sex… That is worth much more even, I’d say!


Um, well… I guess I have already said everything that I wanted to say about the designs, right? This site looks very ugly – both form the outside and from the inside. Its navigation system is not too bad though – pretty simple with no extra (and quite needed) browsing features – but still not too bad. You’re going to find everything you need easily, I guess. What I’m missing is info about the models, content sorting, update dates in the content listing and other minor things like that. Nothing exceptionally disappointing, however.


All in all, I’d say that this porn paysite is quite cool no matter what. It’s big, it’s hot as hell, it’s backed up by a whole ton of niched sites… What prevents it from being called absolutely perfect, however, is its terrible design, the lack of updates and the fact that the bonuses I referred to above will cost you quite some money… Well, guess that the final decision is up to you – it is a porn site where a clear and unanimous verdict is hardly possible.


Pros and Cons


    + large video collection
    + hot action
    + enjoyable video quality


    - no updates
    - no free bonuses
    - no pictures
    - very poor design and navigation
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