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Pantyhose coeds Full review

About site

Pantyhose Coeds is a nylon fetish site from Ferro Network that I thought was all about European girls only. However, it turns out that I was wrong – today’s site under review is fully dedicated to young US babes addicted to wearing pantyhose. It is a predominantly solo site showing them American beauties all naked except for their tights – sheer and amazingly sexy, teasingly showing their round booties and tight juicy twats. But hardcore sex scenes are there as well and it rocks! It is not only hot as hell but also beautiful. It surely does make one wanna review it. ;)

Free tour

I can’t call the free tour the most impressing one I have ever seen though. Technically, there are no trailer scenes here at all – every little image that you click on takes you straight to the Join page. That might be good for this resource’s owners but… Hey, what we, regular porn surfers are supposed to do? Do we have to walk the road of trial and error to at least understand how high/low the quality of content is here? I wouldn’t be too eager to do it, really. But as I’m here to review this site, I will have to take the risk instead of you. ;)

Amount of Content

The collection of content is not overwhelmingly huge but not small either. There are currently 155 picture galleries and… Um, what? It turns out that the reviewed XXX site offers its members as few as 18 videos! Jeez, that is bad. Of course, I was kind of prepared to see less vids than pictures here, which is a typical thing of sites sticking to the softcore side but 155 and 18? Come on, that’s too much of a big difference to be explained by the site’s softcore nature.

Content Quality

The quality of content also doesn’t really impress me here. The pictures are available in the resolution of 1024x768Px, which is not too bad – but definitely isn’t high enough by today’s standards either. And with the videos the whole thing is even worse – coming from what seems to be Stone Age, these clips are only available in MP4 format with the frame size of 352x240Px and the bitrate of 1300Kbps. You say it’s laughable? Well, you are darn right!


It looks like here we are also dealing with a case of the most flagrant cheating ever. Looking at the dates of updates, I can’t stop laughing my ass off. According to this resource’s data, it was launched in 2003. The last time the Movies section was updated was in 2005. But then you pop into the Pictures section and guess what? According to the dates stated there, pics started appearing at this site only in 2011 and it is still getting updated regularly. Haha, very funny. Damn, I really hate it when porn sites are trying to cheat their members.


I would hardly recommend you to join after all I have seen so far but… If you, for some reason, feel that you just have to do it, then go for the network value pack that will give you access to all of the 50+ sites affiliated . At least 18 of them will be dedicated to nylon fetish action as well, by the way. The only problem is that it will cost you a little fortune – they charge $85 for the first month, $50 for each of the next three and $30 a month from that moment on. That surely is expensive.


As I have already said above, I would only recommend you to try the analyzed XXX paysite if you are totally enchanted by its models – or if you are purchasing the access to it as a part of the huge and mighty Ferro Network. This site itself is hardly worth the membership fee – even a month’s one. Sorry to put it straight but it really sucks.


Pros and Cons


    + hot cast


    - low content quality
    - no updates and faked calendar
    - no real bonuses
    - poor design and navigation
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