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On Moms site blocked Review date: 2011-12-08
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  • We recommend do not register at On Moms because it is not safe for you

    About site

    Okay, now I get it. All those years I thought that mature women’s exceptional eagerness in sex was due to them thinking that they don’t have too much time left ahead and should just jump at every single sex opportunity without delays… But it doesn’t seem to be only that. A porn site called On Moms gives a perfectly medical explanation to the outstanding sluttish behavior of mature women. “Women after 40 get orgasm 4 times more often that younger ladies do.” Eureka! It explains everything!

    Free tour

    Even though this paysite is such an eye opener and everything, I don’t think that it’s gonna be love from first sight this time. You see, this resource has got pages that I surely can’t call well-designed or anything. onmoms.com looks like reminiscence from 1990s – all those tiny pics, flashy pseudo-Flash modules and everything… The era that is long gone now and, therefore, the era that should have nothing to do with the looks of modern and regularly updated porn sites of today. I really hope that the XXX site under review today is one, I mean.

    Amount of Content

    The size of this porn site’ collection is anything but disappointing. I wouldn’t actually call it average – with its 29 softcore video scenes, 85 hardcore ones, 140 softcore mature porn photo shoots and about as many hardcore ones, it’s above that. the analyzed adult website is a nice-sized XXX collection that will keep you going for a very long time – at least, if you pay attention to each and every of its scenes. Even if everything is really bad here and the site is not getting updated any longer, its collection is already big enough to satisfy you – to keep satisfying you for a long time, in fact.

    Content Quality

    And when I look at the quality of the content that this XXX resource makes available, I understand all of a sudden that this site is definitely not as outdated as it might seem to be. Its content has got that special amateurish feel about it – but its quality is still close to impeccable. Just look at these videos, for instance – with the frame size of 1280x720Px and with the bitrate of 4220Kbps they deserve being called HD ones already! Not True HD but still some good stuff, for sure. The pictures, in their turn, are even better – they have the resolution of 3500x2300Px and, holy fuck, that is huge! Screw the lack of proper lighting and all those perks that make pro porn what it is – here you will still see everything that you want to see because the pics that the described adult site offers are so huge!


    Erm, nope. Looks like I won’t be able to clarify anything when it comes to updates. The Members area of the reviewed adult paysite is as ambiguous as it can only be – the update dates are simply not stated anywhere inside it. You see what I mean? this site can easily turn out to be dating back to 1990s – at least, so far I haven’t seen anything that proves that it is up to date. But let’s keep on moving – maybe there will be some other things that will allow me to understand this resource better.


    the analyzed porn website will also treat you to a whole lot of bonus paysites that will make your membership at the site even more enjoyable. Yeah, they are paysites – but they will be available to you absolutely for free once you join the reviewed resource. There are 12 of them and… Well, in fact, most of them are dedicated to ladies that are much younger than the stars of the reviewed XXX website – but you will still find MILFs every here and there. Everything you need to do is to look for them better.


    the reviewed adult source is a cool one, for sure – this is the only type of a conclusion that I can make here, word. Screw the lack of updates (or the lack of update dates, at least), screw the bonuses from other porn niches, screw the poor design – the size of this mature porn collection and the quality of its contents will make up for it.

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