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Oldest Women Sex porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
15 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
8 / 15  
9 / 15  
9 / 15  
Other Review Rating
8 / 10 (4 sites)


Very Good

Review porn site: Oldest Women Sex

Oldest Women Sex is a porn site obviously intended for those, for whom simply mature is just not mature enough. The youngest of this site’s porn stars is said to be 40 years old while the oldest… Well, I don’t know if it is true or if it is plain boasting but this paysite is said to feature ladies that are 70+ years of age. Whew, that surely is impressing. Plus, the described site seems to be a 100% hardcore site, so don’t expect them grannies to get away with simply exposing their bodies… They get quite some rough fucking here!

Sure, the content that this resource promises to give you is something really rare. But is this rarity an excuse sufficient enough to justify not really impressing looks – the design and everything, I mean? this resource looks fairly messy and outdated… I really hope that it’s just an illusion and stuff. Wonder what it’s going to turn out to be when viewed from the inside of the Members area. Let’s go take a peek into it together now.

Hmm, frankly speaking, it’s not that bad in here! The design hasn’t gotten any better but the interface is more or less user-friendly – and the selection of granny porn content is also fairly impressing. There are 67 picture galleries and 53 videos currently available to the members. All of them, as promised, feature totally ancient whores and show them in the process of getting fucked raw. What I found rather alarming though was the fact that I’m pretty sure I have seen some of these scenes before when hitting other mature porn sites. Well, that’s a disappointing thing, no doubt.

The updates do take place at the XXX website under analysis this time every now and then though it’s close to impossible to say how regular they are. Last month, for instance, they claim they have upgraded the Favorites functionality and added 3 bonus sites available to the members of the analyzed porn source for free. This month they have posted a news article saying they have added 20 new picture sets and are preparing to post 22 new movies… Well, that’s a lot – but why not make the updates daily then instead of releasing all this content in huge chunks? Or wait… A closer look at the dates saying when this or that scene was posted inside this porn site reveals that the owners of this site don’t need my stupid advice. They are updating their site daily already! Well, that’s very cool.

What can I tell about the quality of content here? Well, I feel a bit puzzled cause it’s obviously much better than I thought it would be. Looking at that fairly poor design, I expected tiny pics and low-quality flicks to populate the Members area but, fortunately, I was wrong. The vids range from 720x480p at 4360Kbps to 1280x720p at 8380Kbps here and the pictures boast of fairly high resolution of 1600x1064Px. That’s definitely not too bad! Even if this source is not exclusive, its owners obviously do bother to supply their customers with nothing but the clearest stuff.

And the last but not least – the bonuses! First of all, there is that Members Pictures section where all members of oldestwomensex.com can share their own pictures of naked and fucking grannies. Really, this seems to be the place where the oldest bitches featured by this site are exposed – some of them look totally ancient! All in all, there are 1,344 assorted pictures that don’t quite fall into full-size galleries or scenes and stuff… Anyway, they are cool! Plus, there are those 3 bonus sites that I have already mentioned – they will probably make the time you spend on the reviewed website feel even better. So, what do you say? Looks like this resource is worth hitting after all – in spite of all those tiny imperfections that it has.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2012-02-09)
index of member zone (2012-02-09)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2012-02-09)
pics gallery (2012-02-09)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2012-02-09)
picture sample (2012-02-09)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2012-02-09)
video sample (2012-02-09)


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3 month: 69.99 $ (100 days )

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