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Primary Category: Old and Young
This site Best Old and Young
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Trial: 1.95 $ (3 days )
Monthly: 32.44 $ (30 days )
3 month: 59.75 $ (90 days )


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
14 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
11 / 15  
14 / 15  
12 / 15  
Other Review Rating
8 / 10 (7 sites)
77 Very Good


Review porn site: Old Goes Young

Say, what do you think, do young bitches fuck with old men only because they are golddiggers? Frankly speaking, that was the way I used to think as well but… I don’t think so any longer now that I have seen Old Goes Young. The porn site that is under review here and now, by the way.

Okay, maybe I’m acting a little too overexcited or something now but this adult site still is a site that deserves being called stunning. Even if its content is staged and its young models actually aren’t interested in getting the best out of their aged fuckmates’ sexual wisdom and experience, it still rocks. It definitely does deserve being called a nasty one too – here you will actually see something bigger than just a bunch of old men fucking with teen babes. You will see the kinky oldies sharing the freshies with their boyfriends! No BS – there will be real young couples bringing in some old fuckers in order to have some MMF fun with them. One young and rock-hard cock, one old and limp… That’s the perfect COCKtail for the chicks from oldgoesyoung.com. :)

Hmm, okay, that was one hell of an exciting free tour – but, unfortunately, it looks like the Members area won’t come up to our expectations. the reviewed adult source has only got as few as 20 scenes to offer to all of us – measly 20 scenes! I don’t deny the fact that each and every of them is hot as hell due to being a real threesome MMF old+young porn must-see but, come on, 20 scenes are not enough no matter what! Okay, even if they keep you going for 20 days or something (actually I think that it will take you even shorter to go through these scenes), what will you do next when you are done enjoying them?

Hmm, but just look at that. Maybe there will be something to keep you busy after all if you are not too picky. this XXX site turns out to be a part of a cool-ass network of 28 sites, all of which will be available to you for free once you join the one under review. And you know what? If I get everything right, there are at least 4 more sites dedicated to dad-on-girl action and 2 dedicated to mom-on-girl stuff. Okay, looks like I will have to take my words back now – even when you are done with this site’s own 20 scenes, there will be many more for you to entertain yourself with.

And the analyzed resource actually keep on growing itself as well, it should be noted. Bonuses are cool – but the development of this resource itself deserves being mentioned too. It gets updated 2-5 times a month, when means that by the time you are done with those 20 scenes, there will be some more already. Be ready to continue your trip through the galleries of this porn resource then – even when you see the light at the end of the tunnel and start suspecting that you are close to the end.

Wanna know how high or low the quality of content supplied by this one is? Here comes the vital info: the analyzed XXX source is close to fucking impeccable, baby! Just take those True HD videos with the frame size of 1920x1080Px and the bitrate of over 8000Kbps… They will make you see the action down to the tiniest detail and I’m sure you will love it. And the pictures… Their resolution of 1600x1000Px makes me wanna say they are not any worse than the videos!

Okay, one way or another, that final piece of praise won’t help this porn site much, I’m afraid. Even with impeccable quality of content and a hope of fast development, this site is what it is – a collection of 20 scenes. Looks like all we have got left to do is to wait for it to grow larger and get better. Or can it actually get any better than it is now? I doubt that. :) It’s already awesome!


screenshot 1 (2011-12-15)
index of member zone (2011-12-15)
screenshot 2 (2011-12-15)
pics gallery (2011-12-15)
screenshot 3 (2011-12-15)
picture sample (2011-12-15)
screenshot 4 (2011-12-15)
video sample (2011-12-15)

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