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“Holy shit, is this stuff real or not?” That was the question that raced through my mind when I was leafing through the trailer photos of Nip Activity. This public nudity porn site managed to stun me and make me fall for it from the very first sight! Shameless babes getting all naked and walking around in the most crowded places of the city making people around gawk at them in disbelief! Well, those decent German burgers look as surprised as I guess I looked when I ended up surfing the XXX paysite under my scrutiny. :) This site is made to shock – and it does what it’s made for pretty fine, my word! On the other hand, I’d say that I’m not quite impressed by the beauty of the chicks featured at this site – at least the ones who are exposed on the outside look rather old. So, is it a mature public nudity site or what? I guess that a closer look at the contents of this XXX source will help me answer this question. Okay, I don’t know about you, homie – but I am surely coming in!

Amount of Content

Alright, so what do we have here? As far as I see, the list of models starring for the reviewed website is rather short – there are as few as 26 chicks featured here. Well, of course, I agree that finding such reckless sluts is never too much of an easy task and stuff but… I guess that with time this site is going to grow bigger. Oh… Hey, do I understand everything I see here correctly? Is it true that this site was started a very short time ago? Was it getting updated once in every two to three days and sometimes even daily? Jeez, it looks like is much much better than I thought it was – the point is that it’s not old enough yet! However, I have to point out straight from the start that not every update includes pics and videos from a brand-new public flasher – they usually constitute the works by this or that of those 26 dedicated models from this site. However, it’s said there that a new chick will appear on August 21st here, which is just a little more than two weeks from now… Hmm, I already can’t wait to see her! ;)

Content Quality

The quality of content (which, by the way, is 100% exclusive here, no doubt) is pretty high. The pics come in the resolution of 1280x960Px, which is fairly cool – you can both view them online and download them straight to your PC in one ZIP archive. The vids, however, have the screen resolution of 640x480Px only. Well, I guess that it’s pretty reasonable since there aren’t too many guys who’d prefer to carry heavy professional cams around the city with them while filming the models showing off nude there. The owners of this adult source seem to be quite satisfied with the 1670Kbps movies they make with the help of their camcorders. Well, I guess I’d say that I’m satisfied either – but not more than that.


If you think that what I have already described won’t be enough for you, don’t worry – I haven’t described everything yet. :) Apart from pics and videos, this adult site also offers its members to enjoy a bunch of classy public nudity photo stories available in PDF files. Yeah, these are worth taking a look at too, my word. :)


the reviewed porn source features girls from Germany only – and yes, I was wrong when I said that most of them were not really beautiful. I don’t know why the owners of this resource published the photos and movies of the least attractive of their stars on the index page of their site – but the Members area surely features much cuter babes, no bullshit.


Well, all in all, I can say that my final impression about the described XXX site is much better than the initial one. This site is a new one – and it has got a great future ahead of it, I’m sure! Good luck with this one, guys!

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