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My wife is bitch Review date: 2012-09-15
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About site

No matter how much I hate to admit it, good things really don’t last that long. And this mature porn site proves this fact with the mercilessness of a serial killer, word. Those daily updates… Now we can only dream about them as the collection of content available here stopped growing in February 2012. 7 months and not even a single new release. Quite a significant slowdown, ain’t it?


Anyway, this site’s content archive didn’t get that much larger after the first time I reviewed it back in 2010. The selection of movies has grown up to 254 but the photos… There have been only 2 new galleries added. As you can understand, that’s nothing but laughable.


Where you can see some serious improvements here is that bonus network that you will also get access to when you join this one. There are much more than 2 extra sites there already – the selection has grown up to reach 8 of them! Unfortunately, there’s little to no mature porn offered on their pages, so… I don’t know if you will actually even care about this improvement or not.


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