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Mother Nature is not always treating her offspring with too much generosity – My Tiny Dick is a porn site that proves it best. Here at this resource the people who get it off best when watching naked men get humiliated by raunchy ladies will be able to get acquainted with a pathetic guy who’s got a cock the size of a fuckin’ pencil! This is no wonder actually as he seems to weigh a whole damn ton! Nevertheless, this guy is married and even though his wife does not have sex with him any longer, she uses his tiny willy as a kind of prank for her slutty kitty friends. Most of them are real bitches who love getting it on with married men and… Here comes our hero! Yes, they laugh at him, yes, they leave his place unsatisfied – but there are so many of them getting invited there by the guy’s kinky wife! Thus, think twice what the main star of the reviewed source deserves more – pity or envy. ;) By the way, those hoochies coming to his place all seem to be as hot as fuckin’ pro porn stars! Let’s come in and see how many of them Jack (that’s the name of the tiny weenie guy) made laugh so far.

Amount of Content

Alright, I think I wouldn’t say that is a site with a really big collection – so far there are 34 babes on Jack’s list and I think I should say that not all of them look like XXX superstars. Well, the majority of them do – but there are quite some regular girls-next-door and even a couple of real ugly mommas there too. Some of them don’t even get it on with Jack as they are simply afraid of breaking his dink into two when riding it – they get away with sucking and beating it only. Surprisingly, the ones who grind on that laughable cock full-time are the hottest bitches here.

Content Quality

Talking about the quality, I can’t say that it is something that impresses me most here – or impresses me at all, in fact. Jack and his bitches offer us no pics and the vids that are available inside the Members area do not seem too good. They have got the frame size of 640x480Px and the bitrate of 1050Kbps – both showings leave much to be desired. Looks like Jack left this adult site a very long time ago and no little-dicked guy proved to be eager enough to take his place here so far. Well, I hope that this situation will change… I really hope so!


The updates are something that you’d better not wait to see at this site – looks like Jack finally got tired of all that laughing and teasing from the girls and decided to stop his career in porn. The thing that makes me even more convinced in that is the Male Model Wanted banner awaiting you right on the front page of this resource. Thus, unless the owners of this site find a guy with a penis as small as Jack’s thing and with as much eagerness to get humiliated on a regular basis, this site will remain without updates. Hey, guys, which one of you has got a two-incher in his pants? :) Maybe you want to become the new star of this porn site, huh?


By the way, there is a separate message board available to the visitors of this adult website as well – a message board where one can share his or her tiny dick experience or simply bullshit about the site itself. The members of the site take surprisingly active participation in the life of the forum – new threads and comments appear here very often.


I can’t say that I’m really stunned by this site – most of its features are fairly shitty. However, I really hope that it’s going to get better with time as it’s the only site of its kind I have seen so far – the only representative of its niche. Thus, I think it will surely be of interest for some people – and it should better be good, as good as possible by the time those “some people” make it to its pages.

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