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I really loved what I saw at the index and the free tour pages of My Slave Life – I started with watching that nice long video trailer first and… Basically, that was even more than enough to make me wanna get into this source’s Members Area as quick as I only could. Still, what I just couldn’t leave unnoticed was the incredible beauty of the young bossy ladies exposed in Our Mistresses section. Damn, I would have never believed they were that imperious until I actually saw them treating their boy toys with exceptional brutality! What? Afraid to follow me into the archives of this site? Stay behind, sissy boy – this paradise of female domination is definitely intended only for the toughest!

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The content available at the reviewed website is split into several categories – Feet, Spanking, Kicking, Facesitting, Bondage, Humiliation, Mistresses and my own all-time favorite – POV. Yes, yes, yes – this Point Of View stuff is exactly what I told you about in the short description of this source. You will be able to take the place of this or that young domina’s slave virtually – watching her humiliate you, beat you up and make you lick her little wet holes and tender toes clean! Damn, the effect produced by these movies is just incredible – you will actually feel as if you are in some mistress’s full control and are ready to fulfill each and every of her orders! All these babes seem to be exceptionally bossy – so you better watch out if you are too impressive cuz they are going to treat you real rough!

Amount of Content

All in all, unfortunately, I wouldn’t say that the size of this amazing source’s collection is a really big one – there are only 42 video clips at the moment (in most cases a clip is either a full-time femdom episode of a half of one). It is considerable if you take into account that is a fully exclusive source but still… There could have been porn content here. The same applies to pics too – right now you will find only 28 picture galleries here. The choice of bonus content (there are two bonus sites that the members of this source can enter for free – Wax Punishment and My Smoking Mistress) solves this problem, though only partially, since the bonus sources are not really big themselves. Anyway, the joint choice of pics and video offered by these three sources already seems to be fine.

Content Quality

The quality of the offered content is okay – the vids are available in two different formats, namely Quicktime, MPG and WMV. In average, they last for 15-20 minutes, which allows me to call them real full time episodes. The photo galleries comprise several dozens of images in the resolution of 1024x768 (yet, I wouldn’t mind it if it were a little bit higher). Needless to say, that all of the scenes you are going to find here are 100% exclusive.


I don’t know what to say about the updates – I have all the reasons to suspect that these guys are playing an unfair rotation game cause the last update that I saw when I was writing this review was claimed to be added right on that day while the one that went before it was said to be published more than 5 months ago. Call me skeptical, but it made me really suspicious. Sorry, guys…


Anyway, even after all this criticism, I would still say that the reviewed paysite is worth checking out. Still, I want you to remember one thing… Don’t purchase the membership here for a period longer than a month if you don’t want to waste your money on nothing cuz this little collection is not likely to keep you going for too long.

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