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My Sexy Neha porn review


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Review porn site: My Sexy Neha

I've written what feels like thousands of porn reviews, I've been to thousands of porn sites, a lot of which were personal sites of some pro models or even plain rookies and... Well, I should say I'm just stunned by how diverse they often turn out to be. Shy girls and crazy nymphos, shy girls getting turned into crazy nymphos – all that stuff is always amazing and always special. Today's site under review is not an exception – it's called My Sexy Neha and, hell yeah, it's so different from everything that I have seen before.

The person behind is Neha Nair – a real Punjabi milf brought up in a rather strict and orthodox family but sent away to a Catholic school at a certain point in her life and... Well, this is where everything started. You know how nasty girls from Catholic schools are, don't you? ;) Neha is a perfect example of one of them – even though she managed to keep her virginity till her first wedding night, she is one hell of a shameless girl. Her hubby doesn't seem to mind her tastes and openness. In fact, it's him who's shooting all her stuff and helping her to keep her site. These days Neha is 27 years old and, fuck yeah, she's a real ripe and highly explosive sex bomb ready to burst for you, burning you down to ashes with her desire!

Yeah, the outside of the described paysite is a really hot one – you will probably want to race into this site's restricted zone ahead of your feet but... When you are actually inside this one, things start looking much grimmer. First of all, I would love to call Neha Nair a hardworking babe who is flooding her site with pics and videos but I just can't cause she is not one. Everything you can currently lay your hands onto inside her personal porn collection are 12 movies and 32 photo scenes. In the end of the day, these showing are not that bad for a personal porn site of one single model but, you know, I still expected more. What I was even more than just glad to see though was one single hardcore episode from Neha – the freshest one at her site. I thought that this babe was doing softcore naked posing only but I was wrong. She turns out to be one hell of a good cocksucker, you know. ;)

By the way, the epithet "freshest" that I have used in the previous paragraph so recklessly will probably look completely out of place when you see how "regular" the updates are here. The update dates are not provided, the section intended to contain the upcoming episodes is empty, which points at the fact that the paysite under my scrutiny is no longer updated perfectly clearly. The quality of the videos points at it even clearer – what you will have to content yourself with here are 320x240 videos with the bitrate of slightly above 850Kbps. The pics, in their turn, are surprisingly big and clear – when you download them, they stretch to fairly decent 1200x900Px.

The Friends section of this resource shows the importance of right connections – together with the exclusive stuff from Neha herself, you will be able to get 50+ naked shoots from her friends – all sexy Indian beauties. I would even say that a couple of them are even sexier than Neha herself. Sure, I wouldn't say that 50+ scenes are too much of a generous bonus but they are still there – at least something, you know.

Summing this review up, I can say the following: this website is far not the best personal porn site that I have ever seen in my life – the quality of content leaves much to be desired here, it's not as plentiful as it could have been and the lack of updates sucks. However, as far as I remember, this is also the very first personal site of an Indian model that I got to review. Maybe I just shouldn't compare it to anything else?


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-12-22)
Screenshot #1 (2010-12-22)
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Screenshot #2 (2010-12-22)


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