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My love Gfs site blocked Review date: 2010-09-20
Trial: 1 $ (3 days recurring)
Monthly: 39.87 $ (30 days recurring)

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The battle between porn featuring pro XXX stars and amateur stuff is a never-ending one, really. One day I feel that there ain't no one hotter than all those leggy bitches with huge silicon boobies and bleached blond hair and the other day I feel I can easily content myself with a couple of explicit movies featuring this or that girl-next-door. By the way, the latter kind of videos often turn out to be way more unleashed than those featuring porn pros – rookies often take up even the wildest hardcore adventures with no sweat, especially when they are tipsy. Anal sex, groupies, facials and mouthfuls, lesbian hookups – all this happens in college dorms, rented flats and even clubs in front of camera very very frequently, believe me. The size of amateur porn sites that I regularly bump into on the Net proves it perfectly – these sites usually turn out to be simply enormous. The one under review tonight is called My Love GFs – let's see if it's as big and hot as the majority of its counterparts.

Hey, one little lyrical digression before I get down to listing the numeric showing characterizing this site... Right there on the index page they resort to that user location stuff claiming that the majority of the rookies featured here come from my home city. Oh come on, don't be ridiculous, guys! I know that playing with the users' eagerness to find some bitch they know at one of them amateur porn sites can be very fruitful but... In cases when users come from fairly small cities, like I do, it looks absolutely laughable.

Okay, now back to business. I don't even know which words I should use to describe the size of the amateur porn content archive awaiting you inside this porn resource. Right now I have managed to find 2,054 videos and 3,694 picture sets inside it and whew... That's one hell of a good showing, don't you find? This is already enough to keep you busy for the rest of your life, buddy! And you know what? The funniest thing here is that everything looks like the reviewed resource is actually as few as 4 months old – the oldest of its scenes date back to April 2010. Man, if it took them so short to get this big, I wonder what's going to happen to them in future – especially if you take the fact that they update their site with at least two movies daily and mass-upload pic scenes every once in a while into account.

The quality of content here is typical of all those amateur porn collections. The quality of everything offered here is low – and I don't mind it! 640x512Px photos, videos with the frame size of 640x480Px that is not even available for downloading – only streamlining... You know, having so much stuff at my disposal here, I won't tell a word about its poor quality. It's still worth the money charged for it even though it's anything but crystal-clear. You disagree with me? Then good luck with your search of amateur HD porn. :)

I know that bonuses here are just not needed – but they are still there, which earns this porn site a couple of extra points. There are two more amateur resources – My emo Gfs and My wife is bitch. Guess there is no need to say what these two are dedicated to – their names are fairly meaningful, I guess. The former of these two is the site I found absolutely stunning, by the way – all those little bitches with lots of piercings, tats and loads of eyeliner used turn out to be such hot fuckmates!

So, looks like the quality of content is the only weak feature of the reviewed porn paysite and... The hell with it. The rest is all too good for me to bother about this site's pics and videos not being clear enough. rocks and is a real must-see for everyone in love with homemade XXX stuff!


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