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About site

I don’t view trailer vids exposed on the free tour pages of each and every site that I’m reviewing – but I just couldn’t stop myself from playing the ones offered by My GF Sex! Some would say that homemade stuff is never qualitative, the chicks featured in it are less seductive than professional porn stars but… Oh well, fuck it – even the staunchest skeptics would have shut up if they saw these amazing long clips! That’s what I actually love amateur porn for – when you watch it, you feel that it’s you fucking this or that charming beauty, not peeping after her getting fucked! This very special feeling never fails to drive me horny as hell – and the described XXX source really did give me the opportunity to try this feeling once again! Still, I guess that judging a site according to the stuff exposed on the free pages is something that no reviewer should content himself with, so… I’m coming in to see this site from the inside!

Free tour

Well, saying that the Members area of this site looks modest is about as much as not saying anything at all! I think it would be no use to talk about the design of this site since there is no design at all! However, this is how a real homemade porn site should look, right? :) At least you will have absolutely no problems with navigation – everything is so easy here that even a three-year-old would be able to surf through this site (jeez, I’m really afraid to suppose what would have happened to a three-year-old if he actually got in here)…

Amount of Content

Ready to hear me speak about the size of this site’s collection? Sure? Seated safely? Alright, here we go – at the moment this paysite offers its members to lay their greedy hands on an amateur porn archive comprising 4104 videos and 189 picture sets. Alright, the showing with the photos is not that impressing but the movies… Shit, looks like my inmost dreams are coming true – I have found a hot porn collection that I just won’t be able to get through, no matter how hard I try or how much time I spend on it! In fact, the situation with the pics is not as bad as I thought – each of the 189 photo galleries comprises 40-50 assorted pics of different girls, which definitely makes the number of models featured here skyrocket! Well, as for me, it seems to perfectly reasonable – there are not too many rookie chicks and guys shooting full-size picture sets – most prefer switching the camcorder on and just going wild in front of it without having to waste their time.

Content Quality

Erm… I guess you are already starting to understand that the quality of content here at is far not as impressing as its quantity, right? Some of the vids and pics are better, some are worse – but all of them are homemade and I guess that it already means a lot, doesn’t it? :) Still, what makes the analyzed porn website different from the majority of similar sites is that it offers downloadable content too. So… If you like this or that scene more than the others – go ahead and take it to your own hard drive!


Talking about the updates… Well, I just can’t understand what happened to this source – it was updated on a daily basis for quite a long time until it all stopped in the beginning of November 2008. Since that time there hasn’t been anything added into the collection of the reviewed site – nothing at all! What’s the reason for that? Did all the people who had previously been submitting their homemade stuff to this site suddenly quit fucking or what? That’s one hell of a mystery, no bullshit!


All in all, the source under my scrutiny is a perfect site for those, who love homemade XXX action – even despite the fact that it doesn’t get updated any longer, its collection is big enough to keep you busy for months, if not years! :)

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