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Moms Anal Adventures porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
5 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
7 / 15  
3 / 15  
15 / 15  
Other Review Rating
31 / 10 (3 sites)



Review porn site: Moms Anal Adventures

If you love anal porn and don't mind watching older babes get their assholes worked out, then you are lucky – years of my porn reviewing experience show it quite vividly that older babes turn out to be much more addicted to ass sex than fresh hoochies. They are more experienced, they are more adventurous, they are more reckless cause deep inside they already feel the clock ticking… No surprise they do anal with much more eagerness than all those teens that break into tears once they feel the very tips of their fuckmates' cocks opening their sphincters.

From that point of view, Moms Anal Adventure is a very tempting destination. The bitches exposed on its pages are surely old and ripe enough and even though they don't look like porn pros, they do perform like them. Real moms-next-door taking large shafts into their tight cracks… Mmm, that's tempting! However, there are certain things that I surely don't like here at this resource. For instance, I don't like the fact that it looks like crap. No, really – this resource looks like it is freshly back from 1990's and ready to prove the world that retro still rocks! No design, low quality of trailers – that looks fairly warning. By the way, the fact that none of the trailer scenes actually show the moms getting asses fucked is a great disadvantage too, I'd say. What do you think?

Oh wow. Just look at this – Moms Anal Adventure is a piping hot one! The most recent of its updates dates back to December 1, 2003! Mmm, the sweet smell of freshly filmed porn. :) Okay, just kidding, of course – Moms Anal Adventures really disappointed me with that showing. Frankly, it even makes me feel that there's no need to keep writing this on – having read this info about the lacking updates, all of the readers have probably slipped away from this page already.

So, they slipped away – and missed the information about the awesome bonuses here at Moms Anal Adventures!!! No, really, even though this site is totally useless itself, I can't deny the fact that the network it belongs to still kicks ass. Its name is Bang Bros Network and it comprises 38 sites, all of which will be available to you with no extra charges if you turn out to be unlucky enough to sign up for Moms Anal Adventures. Quite some of these 38 sites still get updated weekly, quite some of them feature MILFs too, their joint collection comprises way over 5,000 full-time movies... Well, that probably means that this porn paysite is not that useless after all. If you don't care about its contents, then it's good. But, on the other hand, if you don't care about its contents, why sign up to it at all? That is the question.

I also had a good hearty laugh when I looked at the listing of scenes currently on offer inside the Members areas of Oh my, this site is not only super-fresh – it's also super-big – it offers you as many as 15 videos! Wow! I mean, WOW! :) This resource is surely not the one affecting the size of its network's joint archive most, no doubt.

The quality of it all? Well, I was actually surprised to find out that it's not terribly bad after all. Yeah, the pics or, actually, the screenshots that are here to please those addicted to stills, do suck – they have the resolution of 640x480Px and are rather blurred. The videos, however, are better – especially those that are available in .FLV format and marked with "HD". 1024x768Px at 2700Kbps… Well, that rocked back in 2003, I bet.

Okay, even in spite of that latter quality thing, I'm still not ready to call Moms Anal Adventures a good one. Sorry, but no bonus is good enough to save a site offering 15 scenes and left without any updates since 2003. Period.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-09-28)
Latest Update (2011-09-28)
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girls (2011-09-28)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-09-28)
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Year: 89.95 $ (365 days non-recurring)

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