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Mistress Sara Akeera porn review


Content Quality
20 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
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Review porn site: Mistress Sara Akeera

It cost me quite some effort to type the URL of the site called Mistress Sara Akeera in my browser window because of all those doubling and tripling letters but I finally managed it and… Boy I was astounded. You needn't go too deep into this site to be enchanted by it – the very words exposed on the front page of this one spoken by Mistress Sara herself will come ringing in your ears like little bells, like her heels clicking against hard surface, bringing pain, terror, humiliation – and tons of incredible pleasure to you.

Yes, the reviewed adult paysite is a foot fetish dominatrix mostly even though her range of sexual preferences is not limited to just that. This exotic bossy lady loves tying up her slaves and humiliating them, whipping their asses and fucking them with her strap-ons… And those fetish solo shoots of hers. They are shot to kill – so watch out before you get brave enough to see any of them because the exciting potential they bring along is simply overwhelming. Are you ready to begin your denial training in the company of this porn site? Well, let's then move on into the Members area of this resource.

Well, looks like what we are dealing with here is a very nice-sized personal femdom porn resource, at least. Looking into the main content section of the described porn source, I gladly notice the 132 scenes awaiting the horny femdom porn surfer there. Even though not all of those 132 scenes are actually full (some bigger episodes are split into chunks), I would still say that it's not a bad showing for a solo model handling her site on her own, without too much help from other performers. The good thing is that far not all scenes are chunks of bigger ones – full-time episodes are anything but a rarity too here.

Unfortunately, I can't quite understand if mistresssaraakeera.com is a site with a great future or an already outdated one – the dates when this or that scene was published here at this site are not stated, unfortunately. Even the personal blog of Mistress Sara doesn't shed any light on this issue – the freshest post in it comes from, like, 3 months ago, so… Looks like there are all reasons for you to worry a lot here. Maybe you won't be getting new stuff as frequently as you would love it here at this resource.

What doesn't quite fall together with my grave suppositions here, however, is the quality of content that the reviewed adult site offers to her humble watchers. 1280x720Px is the frame size of her videos and 3000Kpbs is their bitrate. That's not that sky-high – but anything but bad either. Maybe this site is not outdated after all? Oh my, how I wish it was true… By the way, if you are into femdom porn pics as well, you will probably be disappointed by this site as it contains movies only.

It is a pity that this XXX resource is not too generous with the bonuses – here at her site you will barely have the chance to get acquainted with 4 other gorgeous dominatrices that she works with and to see their teaser pics and videos. Unfortunately, this is it – nothing else to offer here. Oh well, the diary is there as well but, like I already said, Mistress Sara doesn't spend too much time of her life coping with it.

Thus, I guess the final decision will be up to you. the analyzed porn website is far not the most generous femdom mistress in the world but… Well, screw it – why on Earth should a mistress be generous to her slaves? The fact that she is amazingly hot and amazingly skilled in femdom sex is already enough. Isn't it?


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