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Maniac pass site blocked Review date: 2015-09-21
  • Monthly: 29.99 $ (30 days )
  • 6 month: 59.99 $ (180 days )
  • We recommend do not register at Maniac pass because it is not safe for you


    Though the 4K video was introduced, and even better formats exist, for most of the porn site users the amount of content is still on the first place, when they consider becoming a member of a particular website. In this case, the porn site with the largest collection of diverse porn videos is preferable. That’s probably why Maniac Pass is so attractive in numbers: 1156 sites in the network! 173 231 photo! 7574 videos! 1679 DVD! However, if you spend some time on this resource, you notice that the quantity is not everything. Often you want high quality and original scenes even more, than the diversity of average movies. For all other purposes, though, Maniac Pass is great.

    + Huge amount of scenes, photos and DVD

    Very large amount of content is the most apparent plus of the porn site. Though, don’t get cheated by numbers: while it really has 1156 porn sites, which is incredible, there are 7k something videos. If you divide the number of videos by number of sites, you’ll see that the average porn site in Maniac Pass network contains approximately 7 videos. So, they are not so worthy as it may seem. However, 7k videos plus 1600 DVD, each with 4-6 scenes, is still a very impressive amount of scenes. Some porn sites offer exclusively photos, and the total amount of those is 173 thousands.

    + Fine design, easy navigation, enough interactivity

    Maniac Pass network has recently introduced the new site’s design. It has become much more attractive, created in dark colors, and a bit more useful. However, most users have preferred the old design, judging by the poll. Anyway, you should use the left side panel to browse categories, such as New Movies, HD Movies, DVD, Sites and other sections of the site. You can sort scenes by name, rating or date, and filter them by 60+ categories from the right side panel. Scenes support such simple actions as rating, adding to favorites and commenting, which is already good. In general, the design is attractive, not crowded by ads and banners; the navigation is logical and simple, and the user interface functionality is on the average level. There is a link to user forum, but somehow it doesn’t work at the moment.

    - Average to low quality, especially for downloads

    Quality is a weak spot of Maniac Pass. Pursuing the quantity of scenes, the porn network has lost the battle over HD videos, and now approximately 339 scenes out of 7 thousands are real HD movies. The others have average quality of 480, and do not believe the interface, offering you to stream the movies at 720p — it’s not HD. Downloads are even worse — you shouldn’t expect any better quality than 852 x 480, with poor 1141 kbps bitrate and 25 frames per second. Photos are slightly better — you usually get 1600 x 1063 pictures in high-res zip archives.

    - Irregular, rare updates

    There is no update schedule on Maniac Pass, and the last update is dated June 26, 2014. The porn site has a huge collection, but updates are so rare and irregular, that you shouldn’t really count on them. It seems that Maniac Pass prefers just adding a new porn site with a dozen of videos, instead of updating the existing ones. Last news are dated 2012, so the porn network doesn’t look like a zinger.

    - Not all models are listed, poor profiles

    There are only 605 models available in the Model Index, while there are apparently more girls exposed in 7k+ videos. You can sort the models by number of scenes, name or rating. You can rate models in the model profile. The profile contains only model’s photo, name, number of scenes and list of scenes, plus her rating. It’s relatively poor impersonation of model index and profiles, plus not all models are available, so it goes to minuses.

    Expectations vs Reality

    The advertising banner promises you daily updates, 2000+ models and some other things that you’re not likely to find on Maniac Pass. In this case, this is definitely a trick: the porn site hasn’t updated since June 2014, and there are not more than 605 models in the list.


    There are two billing options: you can buy monthly recurring membership for $29.95, or pay $59.95 for 90-day recurring membership. There is no information about discounts available at the moment.


    Maniac Pass network has reworked the design, added a plenty of new porn sites and videos, as well as DVD titles and photos to its pages since 2008. In general, the resource has become larger, but stopped updating in 2014, which is very saddening. The quality of the content hasn’t changed a bit.

    Network (bonus sites)

    Maniac Pass contains over 1150 porn sites, but most of them have just 20-30 porn videos and cannot be considered valuable. Not all the videos are original, and the porn sites rarely update. Usually, instead of updating existing sites, Maniac Pass adds a new one. The network is very diverse, it contains a lot of niches, and over 70 categories, such as Tranny, Gay, BDSM, fetish, extreme and many other unconventional scenes.


    Maniac Pass is huge. Aside from 7k scenes in more than 70 categories, it has a good set of DVD, exceeding 1600 titles, and a swarm of photos. However, it doesn’t make it the best porn site in the world, and that’s why: despite the crazy amount of sites, over 1150 titles, those sites contain approximately 20-30 videos or less. The network stopped updating in 2014, and wasn’t updating regularly before. The quality is average or low, and you will only find a few HD movies in the network. You cannot expect high-quality downloads neither. After all, you should probably pay attention to Full HD or even 4K porn sites, with smaller collection, but with regular updates. It’s 2015, and there are a lot of better offers for the same price, than Maniac Pass.

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