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Make teen gape porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
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Review porn site: Make teen gape

Damn, my perception of cute and innocent teen girls just can't withstand the trial with the sites from the porn network that I was offered to review lately. The one I'm scrutinizing tonight is called Make Teen Gape and… Well, it's totally mind-blowing! :) As you might have understood from its name, it's all about ass sex with the freshest and most innocent girls one can imagine. Yeah, there is no faking here – the stars of the reviewed porn site are real teenagers! Some of them even look like they have just turned 18 – take Autumn, for example. This petite candy awaiting you right on the front page of this site really is barely legal. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop her from enjoying hard anal fucking and exposing her gaping chute for the world to see. Crazy shit – but so exciting!

Being a real anal porn junkie, I surely couldn't pass a site like this porn paysite by – and so far I'm definitely not regretting my decision to review it. The action is great, the cast is even better, the quality of content seems to be high enough, judging by the teasers available on the free tour pages. But let's cut the guesswork now – I just can't wait to see the described website from the inside.

I wouldn't say that the adult site under my scrutiny is a really big site – not at all. What it has currently got to offer to you are as few as 26 scenes featuring different anal-addicted teen hoochies. You say it is enough for you? Well, so be it – it's just that I am more used to enjoying really big collections of porn while this one… Yeah, I won't deny the fact that it is very hot but its size is exactly what really leaves much to be desired.

And I'm afraid that time is not going to change anything here – at least it's not going to change anything for the better. Even if is getting updated these days, it is doing it rather secretly without letting anyone know it. There are no dates of past updates, there is no calendar that could potentially specify the time when the next releases should be expected. Nothing of that kind. Frankly, the only supposition that it brings me to is that this adult website is not getting updated any longer. What a pity, my word.

The quality of the content supplied by this resource only makes me get more confident in my disappointing suppositions. Take the videos, for example. Okay, it definitely hasn't been long since they were filmed – their resolution of 960x540 and their bitrate of over 3000Kbps point at that pretty obviously. However, they are not fresh either and that is very disappointing. The same can be told about the 1280x853Px pictures. They are pretty big – but they are definitely not the clearest ones I have ever seen.

But here comes something that can easily turn this porn resource into a real must-see in your eyes. The bonuses! Just join this site and you will have free access to some 46 other resources, a good deal of which are as ass-fixated as the described porn source is. Quite some of them also feature teen models, so… You surely won't suffer from the lack of content that you love here! Besides, I'm also glad to let you know that several of those 46 extra sites sport collections that are considerably larger than that of the site under review. Cool stuff, huh?

Okay, I'm as crazy about freebies as most other porn surfers are, so I will give in to the bonuses supplied by this one and will conclude that the analyzed paysite is a good one. The incredibly hot nature of the content supplied by this resource cements my conclusion but… I'm not 100% sure about this one. After all, its own collection is fairly small and old and its quality is not really super-high. Guess that the final decision is up to you then. Have fun, homie.


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