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  • Content Quality
    18 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    4 / 20
  • Updates
    8 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    15 / 15
  • Originality
    9 / 15
  • Extras
    9 / 15

About site

Don't know if you share my preferences or not – but I'm still glad to tell you about them, tell you how much I am addicted to Asian trannies also known as ladyboys. In fact, today's site under review called Lusty Ladyboys seems to feature exactly the kind of chicks with dicks I like – slim and womanly, with tiny dicks that don't distract their fuckmates from their precious assholes and only require a little bit of sucking every once in a while… Yum, just can't get enough of this stuff.

Free tour

However, there is one rather warning thing that I also feel I just have to tell you about here at this paysite. You know, I don't quite like the fact that its front page is actually that of its network with nothing but 6 pics giving you an idea about what the analyzed porn paysite is. The rest is all about women and straight porn sites – only if you turn out to be nosy enough and go into the Categories section of the free area, you will have the chance to see what the actual collection of the porn site under review today is all about.

Amount of Content

Unfortunately, that actual collection of is hardly going to impress you – unless you are indifferent enough to let as few as 17 scenes keep you going for some relatively long time. Yeah, right, the archive of this site comprises as few as 17 scenes, no bullshit! I can't deny the fact that the cast at this resource is really great and everything – but those adorable Asian chicks with dicks are still not enough to get me satisfied, sorry – there are just not enough of them.

Content Quality

I would be glad to tell you that the quality of content supplied by this on is blameless, at least – but it looks like I can't. Well, yeah, the pics are alright, really – I'm perfectly satisfied with their resolution of 1280x853Px. The videos, however… The situation is harder with them. I see those Full HD watermarks on all of them and I know that the network of the analyzed adult resource supplies them videos with the bitrate as high as 8150Kbps – but I can't actually testify it because I'm failing to download their videos again and again! Hmm, I will probably have to base my rating on the network showings because here the situation is kinda obscure.


You probably think that this porn source is a very new porn site with a whole wonderful future still ahead of it. Erm, unfortunately, not. The last time something new appeared inside this resource's Members area was last summer, which is almost one year ago already. Well, Lusty Ladyboys is actually starting to look absolutely hopeless to me – what about you?


Can't wait to hear about the network here? Well, it's a large one, no doubt. It's called 21 Sextreme and it gives you the right to surf as many as 17 sites plus 18 bonus resources for free. Oh well, there's also a paid option that gives you even more bonus stuff – if you buy the membership at any of the bonus sites, you will also get access to 21 Sextury network, comprising 19 more classy sites. I don't know how the shemale porn sites that are now lying at my fingertips are distributed among the two networks but… There are 6 of them, the joint collection totaling something around 180 scenes. Quite a lot, isn't it? Yeah, it is – the only bad part is that none of these shemale porn sites is getting updated these days. Oh my, it sucks.


Alright, it's high time I finished it all up finally cause I'm already getting a little too angry to keep it on. the reviewed site brought me down low enough – just like all of the shemale porn sites in its network did, which is why I'm here with a rather expected conclusion.21 Sextreme is not that much of a must-see destination for a shemale porn hunter.



  • Monthly: 29.95 19.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 1 Year: 119.4 $ (365 days non-recurring)
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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