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Lost Bets Games is a porn site based on a very outstanding and fun yet hot concept – it shows a whole lot of ladies playing different games (with each other as well as with men) and performing various very exciting tasks in case of loss. The range of tasks intended for fulfilling in front of camera is a very wide one – the most decent babes get away with some stripping and nude aerobics while more adventurous ones regularly get spotted pulling much much wilder stunts – some even including direct sexual intercourses.

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One of the main specialties of this porn site is the fact that it features real rookies only. It’s a purely amateur porn site and what makes it even better is the fact that it ain’t got anything to do with staging, as far as I see. Real people allowing Fortune to decide their fates, playing real games, doing real things… The arousing potential of all this is something that can hardly be underestimated by amateur porn fans. Okay, let’s take a closer look at this resource now, alright?

Amount of Content

I thought that the stuff offered on the outside of this adult site was just a compilation of thumbnails representing only some of the scenes available inside its Members area. However, I have to admit that, in fact, it was the full listing of episodes, which is a pity. All in all, this site contains 24 movies, each featuring from two to four players and showing them in all their glory. Basically, the insides of this resource represent a very basic thing – the Members area of lostbetsgames.com comprises as few as 4 sections, namely Home Page, Content section, Contacts and Clip Store (a link to an additional pay-per-view (or pay-per-download) archive containing the XXX betting scenes not offered at the site itself, as far as I see). Well, maybe it’s even good after all – it means that you definitely won’t get lost at this site. ;)

Content Quality

The quality of the supplied content is quite alright – as you might have already understood, there are no pics at all here, only movies and those movies are fairly great. They are available for downloading in three different quality options, the highest one being 1280x720Px at 2250Kbps. I’d say that some of the modern porn sites offer movies of even higher quality – but these ones are definitely good enough to deserve the highest rating in the Content quality section too.


Fortunately, the collection of this adult paysite is not going to stay that small for eternity – see, the reason why it includes so few movies so far is that it’s a very new resource. It’s claimed to have been started in August 2009, less than three months from now and updated once in every five to seven days since then. Hmm, that’s not that bad for such a short period of time. I really hope that the updating will continue the way it is done now.


There aren’t too many porn sites that try to make a living selling their own collections only but – it looks like we have just found one of these XXX rarities. the reviewed adult resource does not have any bonuses for its members, which is a pity. Anyway, I’d still say that it’s typical of such 100% exclusive brand-new resources based on real crazy concepts – they haven’t yet got accepted by any networks, they haven’t yet grown any networks themselves, so… In some way, it’s alright.


So, I guess what I can tell here is the following: this porn source has not yet become a top-notch porn site but it’s very likely to become one in future, in case it sticks to its development trends. Great idea with great embodiment… I wish these guys a lot of good luck!


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