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Lisa A Daniels site blocked Review date: 2012-09-04
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)
  • 6 month: 99.95 $ (180 days non-recurring)
  • We recommend do not register at Lisa A Daniels because it is not safe for you

    About site

    It’s not by chance that Latin porn star Lisa A Daniels has got that “A” in her name – she surely is a babe that deserves an A mark for her looks and what she does on camera at her site. She’s got a very beautiful and exotic face, she’s short and petite but, at the same time, very curvaceous. And she ain’t your typical glamour model that would take you hours to talk into stripping on camera. Hell no, Lisa loves straight and lesbian sex just way too much not to engage into it at the mere sign of an opportunity. And those blowjobs that she gives to her fuckmates – they look like a fucking work of art!

    Free tour

    The free tour of this sizzling hot Latina’s site is pretty generous – you will see a lot of big and clear pictures and a couple of teaser videos showing her naked and in the process of pleasuring herself and her fuckmates – both male and female. The front page of her site says she’s got a bad temper and… Well, that’s actually a good thing – when you see how wild she gets when fucking, you will understand what I mean. ;)

    Amount of Content

    The size of this site’s content collection will make you understand how much of a hard-working porn star Lisa is. All in all, she’s got 168 full photo galleries to offer to you. Those range from crazy hardcore fucking shoots to the babe’s homemade candid galleries that allow you to get to know her even closer. And I really like it that there are enough videos offered too – all in all, there are 71 of them and, if I get everything right, all of them are full-time. That definitely is cool.

    Content Quality

    I don’t think that there will be too many people willing to complain about this site’s content quality not being high enough or anything. It is really, really cool. Since videos are my biggest passion, I can’t help but get overexcited when I see this resource offering its stuff in real HD quality with the frame size of 1280x720Px and the bitrate of 4220Kbps. But it doesn’t mean that the pics are not good enough here – their resolution of 2000x1333Px makes them even more than simply enjoyable too.


    What I’m extremely glad to see here is the fact that is up to date. See, I have already reviewed a couple of dozens of sites affiliated with it and all of them were really old and with barely any hope of future growth. Lisa’s Web playground is not like that though. In most of the cases you will see new scenes being released to it weekly. Every now and then you might have to wait a little bit longer but then it gets back to normal again. This Latin mami is never too lazy to give the members of her site what they want.


    The situation with the bonuses is A-OK here as well. When you join this site, you get access to 17 more sites automatically. 2 of those 17 are huge and regularly updated all-niche mega sites, each offering several thousands of scenes while the remaining 15 are models’ personal XXX hideaways, just like the one under review. The babes they feature are hot as hell – the only bad part is that the majority of them are no longer being updated. That sucks.


    The navigation system used by this site might need a serious upgrade someday in the nearest future. There are no searching or sorting features available, the videos come in one format only, the link to the message board is broken and so and so on… By the way, there is that personal diary section that makes me get suspicious once again. The last post available there dates back to 2011. Maybe it means that this site is not so up to date after all? Hmm, I don’t even know.


    Anyway, let’s not allow the above paragraph to be a fly in the ointment – I really like Lisa’s personal site in spite of its minor imperfections. Judge yourself – it’s nice-sized, the quality of the stuff that its archive is made up of is decent, the updates are regular and the bonuses plentiful… Seriously, I like it here. Sure enough, I will recommend you to check it out too – the chances that you will like it are fairly high.