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Lilly 4 you porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
6 / 20  
1 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
11 / 15  
13 / 15  
Other Review Rating
6 / 10 (5 sites)



Review porn site: Lilly 4 you

The personal porn site of barely legal blond girl, which I'm going to review for you tonight, gets us acquainted with Lilly – a totally adorable babyface girl-next-door who looks so disarmingly cute that you are just guaranteed to fall for her the very moment you see her. However, that feeling of affection is not the only one Lilly will bring about – the blondie will definitely impress you even more when you see her naked! Oh yeah, baby, this is where the innocence disappears for good! This teen girl-next-door sports the amazing body of a real pro model!

Okay, little Lilly is a real stunner, for sure – but her personal site, Lilly 4 You, surely doesn't look as appealing. It looks like it was made a very, very long time ago. The design here is not even bad – it's simply laughable. I just can't keep myself in from smiling when I see all those flashing buttons, all those low-quality thumbnails that could have probably gotten me aroused with no sweat mere 5 years ago… Now it looks bad, however. :) But anyway, I'm not the kind of guy who relies on first impressions – I'm heading on into the Members area now to try to understand what the reviewed adult website really is about.

Hmm, the very first page that you run into when you enter this resource is the one with the updates. It seems just awesome from the first sight – it looks like new scenes are published here every single day – and like the daily updates are even multiple! However, let's take a closer look at this abundance. First of all, this paysite is not even a solo site after all – all the update links are to other models. Besides, those links are not working. :) Yeah, this is something that I guess I should have told straight from the start. :) The stuff that is supposed to be giving you access to new releases is actually kicking you to third-party sites, attempting to lure you into signing up for them, I believe. Well, that sucks.

Okay, the hell with the updates, maybe the described porn site is actually sporting a content archive big enough for it not to need any updates at all. I proceed into the content area and here's what I see there… 34 photo galleries and 3 videos… Damn, this is definitely not the kind of a porn collection that I could call large. :) And it should be said that far not all of the pic sets actually feature Lilly herself – there are lots of guest models there too. Damn, this little blondie turns out to be a real lazy one.

No updates, not much stuff to choose from… I'm growing more and more disappointed here, I should admit. The quality of content is not something that will help a lot to please those surfing the reviewed website – the videos here have the bitrate of 2010Kbps and the totally disgusting frame size of 640x480Px. The pictures are 1024x768Px ones… Come on, this is just laughable. Looks like Lilly is no longer a teen girl – her stuff looks like it was filmed so long ago she must be a MILF these days!

The only thing that can actually lure you into signing up for is the choice of bonuses that this site offers to you. There are 39 extra sites here – around 10 of them being as boring and as softcore as Lilly's resource itself while the rest… Man, the rest of them totally kick ass! Maybe the quality of the content they provide is not that high either but its exciting potential is just enormous! Smoking chicks, chicks in various fetish outfits made of nylon, PVC, leather and spandex, lissome nude gymnasts – all of them turn this network into a real fetish erotica paradise!

Yeah, that's right – if there were no bonuses, I would have never recommended you to try Lilly 4 You. However, they are there – and I suggest that you at least have a brief look at this resource – maybe you will decide it is worth your precious attention.


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index of member zone (2011-08-04)
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pictures (2011-08-04)
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Monthly: 9.95 $ (30 days non-recurring)

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