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Lil Kimmy porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
8 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
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Review porn site: Lil Kimmy

When I look at Lil Kimmy, who is the star of the personal teen porn site that I am to review tonight, I understand just how much I love them young hoochies. You know, the type that look totally angelic like them Catholic school beauties but then end up turning into real sluts when there happens to be a cock big enough nearby. Well, this source is just the type of that girl – the only difference being the fact that she seems to be equally enchanted by cocks, pussies, toys… Or is it a camera aimed at her that makes her lose herself and turn into a real little whore over and over again? Hmm, let’s see.

Basically, really does look like an angel. She’s got blond hair, a baby face with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen, she is shortish but delicate. Perfect one. And I like her curves too – in spite of being generally petite, this freshie is sporting quite some cushion for pushin’. I like her tits – big yet fairly perky and… Damn, that junk she’s got in her trunk is even better. Used to seeing teen babes rather skinny? Well, the reviewed porn website is not like that. This doll has got an ass to kill for – it’s not fat but it’s kind of biggish, perfectly round and so bouncy. I saw the reviewed XXX site bending down low in one of her trailer scenes to show that tail feather of hers off and… I have to admit I was totally fascinated by the view of it.

Just like it always happens with teens’ personal porn sites, you can’t really expect this porn site to sport a very big archive of content – all that you can lay your hands on inside the Members area at the moment are 10 movies and exactly as many picture scenes. Well, that’s probably due to the fact that teen models are definitely not the most dedicated out there. You never know how long she will keep working for her site – one day she makes great shoots for it and on the very next day you hear that she has gone to Ibiza to work as a DJ there. Them teens…

Or is it actually the case here? What I’m even more than just glad to notice is the fact that the XXX website under analysis this time seems to be updated perfectly fine. Looks like in no more than a couple of days from today this site’s collection will be updated with two new scenes making the pic gallery count and movie count both reach 11. Well, that’s cool – even though I’m feeling a tiny but suspicious cause the dates of previous updates are anything but easy to find here. Well, let it be – I’m only sorry I won’t be able to tell you how frequently the described resource gets updated. Weekly to biweekly, I reckon.

The quality of content at this adult site is high – though definitely not impeccable, I must admit. Those 960x540p videos with the bitrate of 4300Kbps and those 1500x980Px photos make me believe that this site as a porn site is a bit amateurish in the end of the day. Well, I don’t mind it actually – as long as it keeps supplying such awesomely hot stuff, of course.

You love porn networks because they supply so much stuff to you at once? Well, then you are going to love this porn paysite too! Being a member of that Tiny Teen Pass, it will come with free access to 23 other resources – all dedicated to teens as hot as this adult resource (some even hotter, I must say). How does that sound? You know, even if each of them has got as few as 10 scenes to offer, then the whole thing is already worth the money asked for the membership. Even more than that, perhaps.

Even though my suspicion still keeps on whispering warnings in my head, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t call the reviewed XXX resource a good porn site. Yeah, its collection is small – but the beauty of its star and its bonuses surely make up for it. Check it out!


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