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    100+5 credits: 9.95 $
    5000+250: 99.95 $
    2000+100 credits: 59.95 $
    1000+50 credits: 39.95 $

Life Selector Full review


The concept of Life Selector is rather unconventional, though it’s not the only site on the web that provides interactivity in its content. The distinctive feature of this porn site is that you are allowed to choose how the scene develops. Say, you can choose which girl to go with, which one to fuck, and how to fuck her. Such interactivity is expected to make your porn experience brighter, more real and more entertaining. There are several categories, including Fetish and Hardcore, on the site, but its concept is based on Interactive porn.


What we get on Life Selector is a few hundreds of Shows that consist of a number of scenes, brought together under one storyline. You don’t get any conventional porn scenes here, and all content is interactive. Thus, to get to fucking itself, you’ll have to skip several less significant scenes of chatter and make some right choices. There are such categories as Extreme and Non-extreme shows, Full and Quick shows. So, aside from the overall Interactivity, you also get a lot of Hardcore and Fetish content: huge dildos, threesomes and group sex, lesbian scenes, and even some rough BDSM episodes.

Scene format

Typical scene on Life Selector is offered in the show format. Thus, there is a storyline, whether it’s about choosing a job, making a good sale as a real estate agent, attending your girlfriend’s birthday party or anything else (the choice is wide). Every show consists of a dozen of short scenes (15-90 seconds each) that allow the story development, and several long scenes (5-10 minutes each) that actually expose sex. Thus, total playtime of a typical show is usually around 10 minutes, because most sex scenes are interchangeable and do not occur in one show. However, there are many ways you can go through the show, so its potential playtime is 2-3 times larger (it’s re-playable).

+ Good amount of scenes and high replay value

There are not as many shows on Life Selector as there are scenes on other good porn sites, but it still exceeds your expectation in amount of scenes, hours of video and replayability. You can find 352 full-length shows in its collection, each having from 15 to 40 minutes effective playtime, with 25 minutes as an average. There are no photos or screen captures, you cannot download videos, but you can go through these shows again and again, enjoying how your choice changes the storyline. These shows have good replay value, and each one contains at least 2 full-length sex scenes, so the total amount of content is quite enough for a long stay.

+ Regular updates

There are no date stamps inside the scenes, and no update schedule, so it’s impossible to determine the exact update frequency or plan. However, judging by the number of scenes, it’s easy to say that the porn site updates at least weekly: they have 350+ scenes, which is more than 7 years of weekly updates, and it’s more likely that they add 2-3 new shows every week. It’s a very nice update rate, because each show is a fine masterpiece, including 2-3 sex scenes, which gives us nearly daily updates.

+ Unconventional but rather comfortable design

It takes some time and effort to get used to Life Selector’s design, but then you can find it rather convenient. There are few important sections, available from the upper menu: Shows and Models. You may also need By Credits button often. The list of shows can be filtered by type (Extreme or non-extreme) and format (quick or full shows). You can sort the list by rating or date. The pagination is not very convenient, though: the shows load as you scroll down the page. Lately the list of Favorites has been introduced to the members, and you can as well rate the show from 1 to 5 stars. Before you start the show (play the game), you can view the trailer to get a clue. Embedded player doesn’t have many functions, but you can make choices during the playback, skip scenes and go full screen.

+ Very nice and thorough model profiles

There are approximately 600+ models engaged in the shows, most of which are delightful porn stars with well-known names. Mia Malkova, Aletta Ocean, August Ames and other girls participate in the shows on Life Selector. Their profiles are accessible through the model index, which is relatively hard to navigate due to the lack of filtering / sorting options. However, each model’s profile is accessible from her scenes. The profiles contain thorough stats for each model: measurements, origin and ethnicity, tattoos and piercings, and more. Anyway, these are handpicked porn stars, most of which have their biographies on Wiki.

- Questionable video quality, no alternative quality options

There are no quality options that could help you adjust the quality. As well, there are no HD or Full HD movies, available on Life Selector. Despite that fact, the videos look good enough to enjoy them (it’s 640x360 resolution that you can stream, with good camera work, foreshortening and lighting). However, you expect Full HD everywhere in 2016, so it’s not very impressive to see that Life Selector doesn’t even have an HD option. Moreover, there is no alternative quality formats, so you are pretty much bound to the 360p mp4 video, which is not always enough.

- No network or bonus content

Unfortunately, Life Selector is a standalone porn site, and it doesn’t offer any bonus sites or bonus scenes to its members. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay monthly for access: you can visit the porn site anytime and the only thing you have to pay for is the choices you make during the scenes, so it’s not fair to blame Life Selector for the absence of bonus content. After all, you can visit the Webcam section for a private chat with some of the site’s models, when you are in the mood.

Expectations vs Reality

It looks like Life Selector fits the expectations at least for 85% (except for the video quality, which could have been better). On the other hand, the number of scenes has exceeded my expectations by far. They don’t make many promises, and there is no free tour or some special landing page: the member zone is accessible for free accounts, because of the payment system.


The payment system on Life Selector is based on credits you can buy to use on the site. You don’t have to pay for access to any content; instead, you buy credits and spare them on certain choices you make during the show. It takes at least 10-15 credits to get to real sex scene. Average amount of credits you have to waste to get through a show is close to 50, while it takes nearly 100 credits to explore all the available options and choices in one show. After you pay for an option, it stays available for you further on, without any repetitive payments. The prices on credits are the following: $9.95 for 100+5 credits, $39.95 for 1000+50 credits, $59.95 for 2000+100 credits, and $99.95 for 5000+250 (the cheapest per credit payment). They recommend to use your credit card, but also accept PayPal, Click and Buy, or checking account. There is one pre-checked cross sale, when you register and buy credits: Life Selector Celebs is offered for $29.95 / month. You can buy additional credits at any time.


If you are bored by the conventional porn, or simply do not feel like the part of the action, watching the traditional porn scenes, Life Selector may be a very good choice for you. It has a plenty of POV scenes with an interactive storyline. The payment system is rather convenient and not very pricy: for a hundred dollars you can buy a very good set of scenes to enjoy them anytime. Also, everything is quite transparent (they don’t try to conceal anything). Take a look!


Site Facts


  • Average length:25 min
  • Number of movies:over 352
  • Video formats:
    • MP4, 2033 kbps kb/s 360p
  • Full length videos:yes
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:no



  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:no
  • Vid caps:no


  • Payment options:Credit Cards
  • Prechecked sales:yes

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