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Lez Lady Boys porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
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15 / 15  
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Review porn site: Lez Lady Boys

I wouldn't say that I'm exceptionally in love with trannies of some certain ethnicity – but I also don't deny the fact that Asian t-girls, aka ladyboys are probably the most feminine of all. These cuties are actually even more beautiful than real Asian women – those faces, bodies, booties… All that is so tempting. And I'm not even mentioning their big bulging cocks!

Tonight I'm going to spend some good time with a bunch of sexy ladyboys looking at me from the pages of one very hot porn site called Lez Ladyboys. As you might have already understood, the "Lez" part comes from lesbian. Here at this site you will not see ladyboys fucking with men – unless you take it all technically, as Lez Ladyboys shows them Asian trannies fucking with each other only. Yeah, they are all just like lesbians but with one simple difference – they've got nice-sized sturdy dicks! Let's go ahead and see them using these dicks inside the Members area.

Unfortunately, when I first saw Lez Ladyboys from the inside, I was, like, oh my, this is modest. All in all, there are as few as 12 scenes here! Okay, I agree, they do feature a lot of damn hot ladyboys with blameless bodies, beautiful faces and all that stuff – but still, I will never content myself with those 12 scenes, even if I were the least demanding person on Earth!

Or will I actually have to content myself with 12 scenes? Fortunately, not. Lez Ladyboys turns out to be a part of 21 Sextreme – a great porn network offering you 17 "main" sites and 18 more bonus ones, all stacked with both extreme and mainstream content. Sure, it's not all about shemales but t-girls are still rather plentiful here. In fact, if you choose any of those 18 bonus sites and sign up to it, not paying attention to the fact that it's 100% free, you will also get 19 more XXX collections from the legendary 21 Sextury network. All in all, there will be 6 shemale porn sites, 4 of them being dedicated to ladyboys, actually. Together they will give you something around 180 scenes. That's good – but is it worth paying the double fee? Hmm, guess it's up to you to decide whether you can afford it or not.

Okay, now back to Lez Ladyboys itself. It stopped getting updated over three months ago, which sucks. Even before that stopping, the updates were anything but plentiful here, in fact. You could be getting one ladyboy-on-ladyboy fucking scene every month but not much more than that. And what about those bonus sites? Are they getting updated these days? Well, unfortunately, Lez Ladyboys is probably the freshest one here. Some of the bonus sites stopped getting updated in 2008, some in 2010 but the main part is identical – they don't get updated any longer and that's it.

It's good that the scenes haven't yet managed to grow outdated here at Lez Ladyboys – at least, quality-wise, I mean. The videos I see here are Full HD ones and the pics sport fairly nice resolution of 1280x853Px. This can hardly be called HR but it's clear enough for you to see everything that you want to see.

Even in spite of that previous kinda-positive fact about the content quality at Lez Ladyboys, I still remain utterly disappointed by this resource – as well as by the rest of its network. Frankly, I never thought I would say it about 21 Sextreme or about 21 Sextury but… Apparently, ladyboy porn and shemale porn as a whole are not the specialties of these two kick-ass networks. Thus, the conclusion is growing more and more obvious: if you are after shemale porn only and don't want no straight stuff, then Lez Ladyboys is hardly a site for you.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-03-17)
Screenshot #1 (2011-03-17)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-03-17)
Screenshot #2 (2011-03-17)


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