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I have just taken a look through the free tour of Lesbians Ultra and the impression I was left with is quite controversial. I don’t mind lesbian porn – in fact, I even like watching a couple of hot chicks tossing each other’s pink salad every once in while. However, there is one main condition – to me, Sapphic porn just has to be qualitative! Yes, I can cope with relatively low quality of plain straight hardcore stuff but when the point is softcore or girl-on-girl action… Hell no, man, this shit has to be top-class! Thus, I was really disappointed by all these blurred thumbnails, shitty pics that look as if they have been shot somewhere back in the 80’s or something and so on. Well, of course, it can be the fault of the designer, not of the content provider and, as usual, there is only one way to check it out – it’s coming in into the Members Area and giving its content a try! Man, I love my job! ;)

Content Quality

Erm. I’ve entered the restricted area of lesbiansultra.com and you know what… Remember everything I told you about quality and shit? Forget about it. Yeah, I really do mean what I say – just go ahead and forget about it simply because the size of this collection of lesbian porn is too big for you to miss your chance to enjoy it because of some stupid asshole bullshitting about qualitative porn. ;) Yes, the oldest vids offered here sometimes come in the bitrate as low as 700Kbps (the fresher ones are considerably better), yes, the oldest pics are sometimes as tiny as 800x500Px – but wouldn’t you be able to cope with it if you knew that the archive you could lay your hands onto comprised 564 photo episodes and 148 full-time movies – not even taking into account the bonus ones? Not that bad at all! Now you understand why I changed my mind so fast, don’t you? :)


I don’t know what to say about the updating schedule of this XXX site. I don’t even know whether this site gets updated at all or not, in fact! Its network is updated daily, as one may see straight at the index page of the site’s Members Area but what about this website itself? Absolutely no information. No dates, no promises, no exact data. Nothing! El zilcho! Damn, this shit sucks.


What is guaranteed to make you even more willing to become a member of the analyzed adult website is the huge pack of bonus XXX content coming along with the access to its Members Area. First of all, there are those 279 multi-niche porn video feeds among which there are a considerable number of your favorite lesbian movies. Plus, don’t forget about the free access to the whole fuckin’ 155 full-size porn sites belonging to the same network with the described adult source. Are there any girl-on-girl resources among them? Of course, there are! I myself managed to spot at least 7 other lesbian sites there. I don’t know what the situation with the quality of content is there but anyway – I don’t mind getting the access to them for free, that’s for sure! ;)


Alright, I understand I might have sounded really controversial and inconsequent in this particular review of mine – but come on! I had the reasons to! :) I was absolutely stunned by the choice of dykish porn offered by the analyzed site and I don’t care that it supplies non-exclusive stuff the majority of which was shot somewhere in the end of the twentieth century. When the point is getting access to hundreds of gigabytes of porn in your favorite niche, you learn to make concessions really quick, you know what I mean. ;) Have fun, guys!

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