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LadyBoy Player is a relatively fresh shemale porn site with exclusive content and new tranny faces. It was launched in 2013 along with the whole SheMax network to provide us with awesome-quality HD porn videos, featuring Hardcore / Shemale niches, paying significant attention to blowjobs, anal sex, and masturbation.


The title of LadyBoy Player does not have any specific meaning; it’s just that beautiful shemales play hard on its pages. There are few hundreds of excellent porn scenes, including solo, masturbation, anal sex and lots of blowjob action. In general, the porn site simply accumulates nice shemale scenes, not devoting itself to any particular genre or fetish. Thus, it is rather diverse and entertaining.

Scene format

There are few kinds of typical scenes, but they have something in common: they are all focused on delightful shemale and what she does. Scenes usually begin with an introduction, when the model shows off her body and teases you into watching the video. Then, it slowly comes to the essential part, whether it’s a solo masturbation scene, or an oral sex scene, or even anal sex action. It does not take more than 10 minutes, as a rule, to get off for a shemale or her lover, with possible cumshot or cum swallow. The average scene lasts approximately 15-16 minutes.

+ Excellent video quality

Though LadyBoy Player does not share FullHD videos, its HD videos have even better bitrate than most FullHD videos on the web. 10,000+ kbps for a wmv file with 24 frames per second is a decent value, and thus those 720p videos are truly HD: sharp, clear and flawless. Other formats include 480p and 304p mpeg files available for download. Photos come in zip archives as 1360x910 or 850x569 pixel pictures, which is just fine.

+ Updates every five days

The update rate on LadyBoy Player is even better than on other sites of the network: instead of updating weekly, it updates once in 5 days, which is good for a small porn site. The network update schedule is available in the Calendar section, where you can clearly see when and what exactly you will get in the next ten days. Trailer previews are available for all planned scenes.

+ Simple but attractive design, quick navigation

There are no ads in SheMax Network member zone, which is very delightful. Also, the design is simple and convenient: large photos, logical menus, no repetitive elements, mild colors. Navigation is quick and simple thanks to Site / Tag filters and Date / Rating sorting for scenes, and Alphabetic filter and Avg. Scene Rating / Name sorting for model, available just there. Scenes have ratings from 1 to 10 that you can affect, and provide full length videos, photo sets, and trailers; you can also get a 1-minute clips cut from the video. However, there are no comments and no user forum.

+ Good amount of bonus content

Except for the 5 sites of the SheMax Network, you gain access to as a member of any of these sites (including LadyBoy Player), you also get some entertaining bonus scenes in the Interviews, Behind The Scenes, and Asia Travel Guide sections. Total amount of exclusive scenes includes 597 scenes on five sites, which are Femboy Fever, Black Shemale Stars, Shemale Tugjobs, Wild Shemale Orgies and LadyBoy Player, and a plenty of bonus content.

- Small amount of content

Pitifully, LadyBoy Player does not provide us with enough amount of content to assess it positively. Only 181 porn scenes with adorable shemales is exposed here, and even less have a video inside: 148 are provided with both video and photo, while 33 are pure photo sets. Average playtime is not very impressive: most of them fit 15 minutes, though there are 10-minute videos and 22-minute videos too. Photo sets have been increasing in size as time passes: earliest ones contained approximately 60-80 photos, while the latest have 180-200 photos.

- Repetitive updates and cycling scenes

Unfortunately, SheMax was caught red-handed whilst it rotated the content between its sites. It means that the amount of exclusive content is less than you expect, and scenes can repeat on different sites of the network. Also, they have a terrible habit of removing old scenes and then adding them again as new, changing only the date stamp. That is a shame nothing can cover.

- No model profiles

There are 486 models in the network, which you can access through Models section of the site. It has all necessary tools to filter / sort / search the models. However, model profiles do not contain anything except for the list of scenes in the network with this particular model. No info, no biography, no contacts. These model profiles are empty and useless.

Expectations vs Reality

Whatever I expected from SheMax Network, was fulfilled in the member zone. However, repetitive updates have become a very serious disappointment. Hopefully, the network will fix this issue; yet we have to enjoy what it has to offer.


Prices are rather high, which is probably reasoned by the relative rarity of such content: $34.95 for a month, $149.95 for 6 months or $199.95 for a year. You can take a limited 2-day tour for $2.96, but I wouldn’t recommend that: you may get rebilled at full monthly price after it expires. Also, beware of the pre-checked cross sales; we know that there are some, particularly Shemale Video Club, which may cost you additional $35 wasted.


If not the cycling content, I’d call LadyBoy Player a very nice shemale porn site. However, yet we have what we have: repetitive scenes, uncertain updates, and not very impressive amount of content, along with excellent girls, exclusive videos and superior HD. Anyway, the network is worth a glimpse, if you’re a tranny lover. Particularly, bonus content is rather entertaining.


Site Facts


  • Average length:15 min
  • Number of movies:over 148
  • Video formats:
    • WMV, 10,877 kbps kb/s 720p
  • Full length videos:yes
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:yes


  • Pic sets:over 181
  • Pics per set:140
  • Pics Resolution:1360x910
  • Zip sets:yes


  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:yes (2 sites)
  • Vid caps:no
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